Sunday, 7 February 2010


I was handed my ass today... as Tom often says. It's a little heavier than normal due to the copious amounts of chocolate and cake that were rather lovingly purchased for my birthday this week! A 10km can do that to you- hand you your ass that is. You see 5km is short enough so a few seconds difference leads you to believe that those extra few cakes aren't making the difference and the lack of speed sessions don't matter either...oh how wrong and deluded I've been!

Dewsbury 10km this morning was a sharp reminder of just how much difference those cakes and biscuits do make and how important it is to get quality speed sessions in. My time isn't bad at all in the grand scheme of things. I ran 43minutes 11 seconds. But in 2007 I ran 41minutes and 33 seconds and I know I'm fitter now than I was then. The difference is more than minutes and seconds though... it's choices. Life has been manically busy with the exhibition, training has been thwarted by illness and I have been more relaxed than normal with 'treats'. The first two are down to things I have had no control over (kind of) and the last one, well actually it's more about state of mind than it is about calories. To be honest, I don't feel bad about the odd extra chocolate bar or slice of cake, I'm not even that much heavier. But coming away from today's race a little disappointed has shown me that it's time to change my mindset. If I want to be in shape I have to be in shape mentally as well as physically, so if I want to get back to running well for me then I have to get my head back into a different space. 'Tis as simple as that! It's there for me all I have to do is make the choice. If I wasn't disappointed with today then I'd stick with the way I'm training/eating but I'm not so it's time to regain my old will-power, say no to one too many treats and get the quality sessions in. And as this guy says...

"You are the only person on earth who can use your ability." Zig Ziglar

Well done to the Virgin Active Road Runners for a great turn out and some mighty fine times out there and to my mate & physio Ove who pb'd running 40mins, loving your work Ove, I'll be back to try & catch you soon ;0)

My exhibition for all those that followed my picture a day project couldn't have gone better. I'll blog about it's success in detail on my photography website, but over half were sold on the evening and the charity are over the moon! They're still available to buy too as Salvo's are holding them (the ones that haven't already been bought that is) for the next 3 months. They're all £25 each. All of the pix are still here to view sitting in two albums, album one here and album two here. To buy call Salvo's ask if the day you'd like is still available, leave your details and purchase it...easy peasy.

Right I'm off for the last chocolate Hobnob for tomorrow I'm in training for the London Marathon don't you know ;)

H x


Mama Simmons said...

Oh you're right about how all those little choices we make add right up! I had to do some of the same 'housecleaning'... Started about 2 weeks ago and already I feel a huge difference! So it works quickly which is a big motivator. :)
congrats on your success with the gallery as well!!

Jevon said...

you don't know what 'heavy' is.
You're about the weight of one of my legs