Sunday, 14 February 2010


... for all your amazing support. Every once in a while there comes a point where, in order to achieve something special, you have to put everything out there and let the cards fall... right now, for me, this is that time. Just under five years ago I set myself the goal of qualifying for the world Ironman championships within five years... there are 14 weeks and one chance to go. I've not had the greatest start to my final mdot campaign and behind in all three disciplines I needed to make a decision, do I go for broke or do I fold. As you already know it was one of the toughest decisions of my life, but going for it I am. I sat down and I mapped out what I thought it would take over the next couple of months in order to break the magic ten hour barrier in Lanzarote, likely to be the minimum requirement on the day, and last week I wrote it down on here for all to see. My ability to tolerate that training load is neither here no there... to set anything less challenging would be to admit defeat already. Yes I may not survive the following fourteen weeks, but to set the bar any lower would, in my mind, guarantee 'failure' so here we go!

The number of positive comments I've had on the blog, and also via text, email etc. has been amazing and most people seem to have adopted the 'he's gonna go for it anyway so we might as well support him' point of view. You see, there comes a time when we have to commit to a decision 100% and anything other than the offer of  'blind faith' from those around us simply serves reduce our chances of success... I'm sure some people think I'm gonna go down in flames but if you could save those 'you're doing too much' comments until May the 23rd that would be great ;)

I'll leave you with a comment from my great friend and true inspiration Steve Dennis, from last week's entry. In the literary world Steve has achieved truly great things having battled through tough times and the negative energy of others. One day I'll hare his story with you, it's far more inspirational than mine...

"Remember, every champion has held his - or her - head in his hands; fallen into that pit called doubt; and cried with frustration. We'll never know how great is the number of the towels that were ALMOST thrown in. But it is at this very point, when others toy with giving up, that the great move forward. Ask Kelly Holmes how many times she almost quit before powering through that ticker tape towards gold. You've never been a quitter, but allow yourself to honour these thoughts -- process them -- sit with them -- then move on. Visualize what you've always visualized and you'll get there. And know that every single one of us will be cheering you on, every step of the way. Chin up. Head down. Crack on!!! With love and gusto from LA - Steve"

This week saw 17.5 hours on two wheels ;)

See you in seven,



Tom Newman said...

Great to read and hear mate! Some serious ride time, love it! Pleased we're not on the Brew camp - 30mph winds and rain over weekend!

SteveDennis said...

Inspiration is as inspiration does, my friend. (I think I've just bastardized a Forrest Gump quote there but what the heck)

Jevon said...

Rock and roll, baby... rock and roll... :)

burleywhite said...

i just stumbled onto your twitter page and realised that you used to take some circuit sessions at virgin gym at Kirkstall,Leeds.I always thought then(while making us do endless sprints/planks) that you were a nutcase and know this blog confirms it!!!!!!! I totally understand that the both of you do not know me from "adam" but i do find your blogs to be very inspiring as a couple,professional people and athletes.So please keep up the fantastic training you are both doing,it has made me stop moaning,feeling sorry for myself and for me to get my arse in gear to acheive my (relatively small) goals of the completing the great north run and the July tough guy challenge.thanks again and both of you take care.

Tom said...


Loving the positive vibes, they mean everything... keep em coming!

Burley White,

There's NOTHING small about Tough Guy!! Glad you remember my circuit classes, what's your real name?


H said...

Thanks for your kind words Burleywhite..oh I miss those circuit sessions, weren't they great! Good luck training for the GNR, it's lots of for Tough Guy, no training can prepare you for that, you just have to let the sadist in you come out!!

H :-)