Sunday, 31 January 2010

New hat...

The title of the above picture is 'New hat'. I took it yesterday in Leeds Hyde Park having just run parkrun. It didn't make picture of the day but I think it probably sums up exactly where I am at the moment...not literally of course, firstly I'd be freezing cold and secondly red never did suit me!!

So why does Queen Vic wearing a traffic cone on her head sum me up I hear you ask?! Probably because I'm so used to being known for one thing for the last few years. And that one thing hasn't really been photography. Of course most around me know I'm a photographer but that hasn't been the thing that has defined me and that's because triathlon and endurance training in general has.

Taking my foot off the training gas and placing it quite firmly on the photography one has up-turned my world. I wasn't sure I'd manage to make that transition to be honest. You know, the one from living life in an athletic bubble, where all you need to worry about is recovering enough for the next session and how training was going to fit around work. Now I almost certainly put work first (because I love it and we can't live off fresh air.) For once I'm training around work. I love that too. Transition made.

I'm getting back to my normal self after those hideous weeks of illness and I did feel much better running that half marathon last weekend but another good week of training this week gave me another gear in today's cross country. A few more good weeks of consistency and some harder work (and a bit more self control in the biscuit department!!) and I'll be in good shape come the London Marathon. These things I know because I've been there. That means that my mind has been freed to allow me to move my photography forward. Bombarding you all with my daily picture has been a fantastic adventure for me to take myself on. I absolutely can't wait to see them all exhibited on Wednesday 3rd February 2010. In fact I sit here typing this out with only one more day left for me to complete my year long project. A whole year!! It doesn't document my life (that wasn't the idea) but it does document moments or things that I've been privy to, liked the look of or just plain took a chance on, and that's when I knew my journey was starting. In training when you learn to relax and go with the flow (something I got close to doing but never quite managed) magic happens. And in my photography, whether you like or hate my images, there have been days where magic has happened and that's been in my hands, I love that feeling. The odd time it happened in triathlon, I loved it too but I never quite believed.

So me and my 'new hat' plan to run the London Marathon with as many quality miles my legs can afford to run. Traumatising over fitting sessions in around work won't happen. 'Training smart' in true Yelling style will happen. And fingers crossed my photography keeps growing from strength to strength. Hope to see you all on Wednesday :0)

H. x

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." Herman Cain

P.s Well done all you VARR runners today, fantastic!


Rogier, Natalie & Rhys said...

You know I don't really miss the UK or our life in Leeds, however reading your blog and the notion of having lived through your 365 project from afar makes it some what strange not being able to attend on Wednesday. Good Luck and for what it is worth I love your project and your pictures and I really hope you set yourself another 365-type project

ADC said...

I can't belive that a year is nearly over and your exhibition is this week.

H said...

Rog & ADC, the exhibition went really, really well. I'm sure I'll blog about it later this evening. But thank you for your continuous support guys xx