Sunday, 14 February 2010

Short and sweet...

I'm short on time because today I've run 20miles, done two loads of washing, prepared and cooked the dinner for our Valentine's meal tonight and am just about to skip off to the pool in the hope that I don't drown whilst doing my 1500m #Winterswim. Valentine's Day doesn't really start for us until 6pm tonight!

My running's going... well, it's ticking along nicely, not as well as it could be ticking but it's moving so that's a good thing. Really what I want to write about in this tiny little window of time is Tom. He's been amazing this week. He's really picked himself up and got out there on his bike and ridden and ridden. I take my hat off to him, I really do because if it were the other way around.. I think I would have chucked the towel in! He has guts, determination and a great sense of confidence, I love it, he really inspires me to always keep trying and that's why I haven't become disheartened when I've been thwarted by illness during my marathon training. In fact on Tuesday evening I once again lost my voice and acquired the world's most irritating stomach wrenching tickly cough. Two rest days later and some great words from Tom and I've finished the week with a 20 miler and 67 miles in total for the week.

So Tom, this post's for you. I'll always be 100% behind you, whatever, whenever, and I know you're gonna be in great shape come May and in no-time you'll be flying on the bike :0)

Right the pool is calling, it's time to drag my tired body through the chlorine.

Happy Valentine's, the pic above is today's pic of the day, it's called Best Friends... we all need them.

H. x


Khara Mills said...

Strong strong strong lady, that's you! Great to know the little illness blip hasn't stopped you, keep at it, still time to go get what you want. Once you finish with your legs for London, please can I borrow them for the bike?! However knackered they are, they'll still be in better nick than mine ;-)
Khara xx
p.s hope you eventually got your Valentine's evening, you and Tom are the best thing that's ever happened to each other x

Jevon said...

part machine, part human :) great work xx