Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hill 60...

Short and sweet this post shall be because as usual Sunday is far from being a day of rest!!

I've had a really, really busy week at work this week and spent oodles of hours stuck in ridiculous motorway traffic but on the plus side have loved the jobs I've been shooting. Work is going really well and with my Blue seventy adverts of Ali Brownlee hitting the mainstream triathlon magazines this month it's even more rewarding to see the final images in place and also great to get such great feedback from you, the readers, thanks, it's really appreciated.

I wasn't sure how much running I was going to fit in but counting up I've still managed a 70 mile week. Today I ran 22 miles with my mate Russ and thankfully (if not a little selfishly) he too was tired after a hard week and so we took it really easy this morning. Even 22 miles slowly is enough to kill the old legs though so I'm feeling it now, I just want to lie on the sofa and do nothing...

...Unfortunately in the Williams household that opportunity is rare and after scoffing a delicious but rushed lunch of roast veg and rice, Tom and I skipped off to meet our mate Rob who is trying to organise a new parkrun in Bradford. The venue is perfect and we walked around the park to measure what the course may be and to see how viable it was looking. I think it'll be a great addition to the parkrun series, so fingers crossed it comes off.

We were lucky to hold the National Cross Country champs (see above pic) in Roundhay and so we spent Saturday afternoon on the muddy fields shouting encouragement to our Virgin Active Running Club members who threw themselves wholeheartedly around the challenging course... see pic...that hill ain't called Hill 60 for nothing! Well done one and all, we loved spectating :-)

And last but certainly not least, the BIGGEST WELL DONE to Tom who pulled out a 23:42 10 mile TT this morning, much to his amazement. I'm so pleased for him, what a great way to start his season and he can only improve with every pedal stroke. That sure is testament to your determination and hard work Tom, keep on truckin' :-) x

London's not that far away, my goal posts change every day... but then I'm a girl!

H x

P.s for all of those up North, I'll be on BBC Radio Leeds at 9:15am tomorrow (Monday) with Mabeth from the charity Naomi's Fund, talking about the 365 Project :)

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