Sunday, 21 February 2010

Go legs go...

I'm giving top marks to my legs this week. I've made them work hard and they've been really good to me. Today...right now...they're tired. Thwarted by yet more snow which meant we couldn't get to our cross county race we hit the woods in the thick snow and did 9miles easy..really easy. Those 9miles took me to an 80 mile week. The first one I've had of that distance in a long, long time. In fact probably 6 years. Double run days have really helped pull my mileage up. They've taken the stress out of just doing long slow runs or long hard runs. I've been able to choose a session to do and use the other run session as a recovery. A great way to keep some quality in there. I don't feel completely on top of the game at the minute but it's still early season and I know it will come. At least I know my body and mind is willing.

I think the week coming up is going to be a challenge. I've got a really busy working week and can see double run days disappearing before my very eyes but that's fine. It's not all about the number of miles and so if I can at least fit in the quality harder sessions the shorter recovery sessions will just have to fall by the way side. My running mate Russell and I have our 22 miler a week today. Please let the snow have gone, gone gone!!

It's odd going back to just running. I was managing to get some great pool sessions in and even the odd turbo but as time gets stolen by work etc I've been forced to concentrate on running. I miss the pool though and will probably try and get in a little more once Tom's back on track. The bike... a lot of people have asked, do I miss the bike? You know I do and I don't. I miss being in the middle of nowhere, I miss that purity of fresh air, two wheels, a flapjack and the solitude of being 50 miles away from home in the most beautiful Yorkshire countryside untouched by Sainsbury's, cars, pollution or housing estates. But clearly (seeing as I haven't been on those two wheels for quite some months now) I don't miss that enough. I did pay my training dues to that scenery over the past few years I guess... maybe when the memories have run out I'll want to go back and refresh them?!

Time to get Sunday evening dinner on the go..that's what just running gives you back time, I can fit so much more in now I'm not on my bike for oodles and noodles of hours!

H x

Oh.. a little 365 update... 190+ pictures have been sold, wuhoo!! Only 175 to go :) I'm going to try and post the ones that are left on the facebook site so if there are any you'd like to own just get in touch and I'll happily post it out to you :)

And a huge thank you to Donna & Nadya who came up from London just to see the exhibition, have dinner at Salvo's and catch up in the real world instead of via the 140 characters that the world of Twitter allows! Tom, myself, Khara and Steve had a great night with Donna & Nadya and then this morning we showed those Southerners how to do snow!! Okay snow, time to go please. Thanks again guys, great to meet you. x

Sorry, couldn't go without saying how much I'm loving Marathon Talk, what a sterling job Martin & Tom are doing and I really look forward to my Wednesday run to hear the latest episode. Hope you are too.


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