Friday, 4 July 2008

Two more sleeps...

Another fairly chilled out day in Ironman world, but with only two more sleeps to go I'm positively itching to get on the start line and 'just do it'... Nike couldn't have phrased it better!

Before breakfast myself, Tom and Ady had a nice gentle run on the course (see pic) we're standing on one of the bridges that we'll all cross four times on the run, so now I'm well acquainted with the bike course and the run course the only thing left hanging in the balance is the 'to wetsuit or not to wetsuit' quandry that the organisers appear to be having. After saying that the decision would be made for our race briefing this afternoon, they have now changed to tomorrow morning when we go to rack the bikes! Oh the drama of it all.

The bikes are more or less sorted, just got to make sure they go into transistion with the tyres a bit deflated incase the heat makes them explode ( a very common thing in hot conditions.) And then once we've done that the only thing left to do is to get really, really, really nervous. Tonight is the last full night of sleep as tomorrow night I'm sure won't quite be a blissful heavy slumber and we also have to get up at 3.30am for breakfast so really there's only one and a half sleeps left!!!

I'm excited and incredibly anxious and I'm sure tomorrow I'll be like a cat on a hot tin roof. It's the waiting that does you in, I just want it here. I've eaten enough pasta to sink a ship and so my body is ready (oblivious) but it's on stand-by, the green light is gonna be a shock to the system but I'm getting fidgety, all good signs I'm sure.

So I'm off to have that last full night of sleep, to dream about wetsuits, bikes and trainers and all of the chocolate I can consume when I'm done!

Night night. x


Anonymous said...

Tom and Helen,
I came across your blog by accident a few weeks ago, and want to wish you both all the best and good luck for race-day. My husband cycles so i can understand some of your training, eg Etape du Dales, but to add swimming and running i really admire your grit and determination.
Do it for Yorkshire!
Meg x

Tom said...


Thanks so much for your great comment and we're really pleased that you've enjoyed our blog.

Only 11 and a bit hours until we give it some Yorkshire grit ;)


T & H