Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Iron week.... let the journey unfold...

Well here we are on Tuesday 1st July 08 in hot and sunny Frankfurt.  We broke the back of the journey to Dover by stopping for an hour in Oxford to meet the new member of the James clan - tiny, weeny baby Morris (very cute and wrinkly.)  Then from Dover this morning to Dunkirk on the ferry and then a five hour drive to our Ironman destination.  

The picture is from lunch time today when we stopped for lunch in Leuven (Belgium) and found a perfect pavement cafe in blistering 32 degree heat to have a quick bite to eat.  This pix is for Lies (my cousin's better half) who studied in Leuven and told us where was best to go when we got there.  

We did a quick 40min run once we reached the hotel to stretch our legs and get acquainted with our new surroundings and then showered and had a bite to eat.  Time for bed already, oh where has the day gone, it's going to be race day & I'll be standing with my toes in the water before I know it, so if someone could please make time behave itself and not hare off into the distance that would be marvellous ;)

Our hotel by the way is in THE perfect location, just a mere stumble from the finish line, perfect!!!

Time to sleep, night night.

H. x

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Jevon said...

Ah... 'time'... that great mystery. See my blog for the true nature of time :-).
Be safe and have a productive week.