Tuesday, 1 July 2008

IMDE Race Week - Day One of Seven

I'm going to make this brief as it's been a long day particularly as I've spent the last hour trying to upload my first video diary of this trip to my Facebook account. If you're on Facebook then add me as a friend and once I accept you'll be able to check out our daily videos... if not then once I work out how to upload them to YouTube in less than a million hours I'll get them posted on here.

We decided to start our seven day race week diary today so that the seventh day would include the Hawaii awards ceremony on Monday, where fingers crossed one of us will bag the big one ;)

Today? As I said, this needs to be brief so I'll include most of today in tomorrow's effort but the bottom line.... HOT!

It's great to be here, out hotel is in the perfect location, the weather's amazing and I can't wait to have a ride round the course tomorrow.



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Jevon said...

Glad you've arrived safely. Be safe on the exploration. Will be looking for a hotel recommend for next year.