Thursday, 3 July 2008

It's starting to happen...

No going back now, the athlete wrist band is fixed in place. I've registered, I've got the necessary items... chip for my ankle, swim bag, swim to bike & bike to run bags and the jitters... race day is near I can feel it in my tummy, the butterflies are slowly turning into heffalumps!!

Brief post today, going for an early run before breakfast tomorrow morning to remind my legs what exercise still is. Today we went to the swim course and had a bit of a mince around in the very warm waters of Langener Waldse. Rumours flying around that they could make the swim non-wetsuit due to the water temp being 24.1 degrees. If the temp is 24 or above they have to make it a non-wetsuit swim. Suits me fine, it's the same for everyone and I'm really not bothered about that happening which is a great position to be in, we swam with and without the wetsuits today and both were great. It has rained a lot today though so I have a feeling that will have cooled the water enough to keep it just under the temp limit. Tomorrow it will be decided so I shall keep you posted.

Apart from the swim and registering there was little else left for us to do which has been great. Tomorrow (Friday) the bike needs to be checked again and have drinks bottles attached, numbers stuck on, etc and then we go off to the race briefing to get the low down on race day. Three more sleeps... eeek ever closer.

Night night.

H. x


Debra said...

I really do hope you'll do a new blog next week onwards ?? weeks to Lanzarote/Kona 2009, got a real fix today 2 blog entries am and pm, agreed with one of your posts the other day, what will we do without a monday morning read??

What time do we need to log on on Monday to see if you both made it?? I really hope you do as you both deserve to

Night night, off to go swim in morning as pool closed today due to electric problems so another early strat needed, gosh I am really strating to sound liek my triathlete role models......

Tom said...

Hi Debra,

We'll post something after the race on Sunday and there are three possible options for each of us... 1) definitely got a slot... 2) might have a slot but will need to wait till Monday... and 3) not a chance of a slot even with roll down.

Obviously two of those three options will put us out of our misery, either way, there and then. Option two will mean a nervous night's sleep and with the awards ceremony on Monday lunchtime we'll try to post something from my mobile phone ;)

Fingers crossed,

t ;)

H said...

Hi Debra,

Sounds like you could be getting to enjoy this triathlon malarky ;) one day this could be you!? :)

H. x

Debra said...

hmmmm.... I trying it cos running keeps injuring me and now finding I allergic to chlorine so hoping when I get my bike that cycling agrees with me!!....

Sorry for appalling spelling last night, must have been more tired than realised

Not long to go now, sweet dreams for the next 2 nights and ggod luck for Sunday