Friday, 4 July 2008

27 hours...

Fifty weeks ago H and I started this blog with the lofty title of '50 weeks to Kona?' and before we've had chance to blink we're about to answer that question... in less than 30 hours time my alarm will wake me for the final time. It's been quite some journey and although there have been plenty of tough points (mostly due to sub-zero conditions for endless hours in the Yorkshire Dales) it really could not have gone any better. Although this is a great thing, and I wouldn't have it any other way, it does present it's own special kind of pressure... the type associated with not having any excuses!

As people get more and more nervous you can hear the constant hum of the various reasons which are provided up front in order to justify falling short of particular goals... unfortunately for me these are one of the few conversations I'm unable to contribute to. You can already make out the mental battles which will be fought on Sunday with various justifications being given for not pushing it right to the limit and digging just that bit deeper than before... also unfortunately for me I've been rabitting on for the last 50 weeks about how this Sunday would be THE day where I pushed for every single heartbeat and made every stroke, pedal and stride stand up and be counted...

and here we are...

less than a day and a half till 'kick off' and every single base is covered... I've swam, biked and run further and faster than ever before and I fully intend to live up to my promise of crossing the finish line with truly nothing left happy that whatever the result on Sunday afternoon I will have truly given everything to this wonderful journey.

I'll leave you with a quote which I posted in one of my first ever blog entries and has stuck with me all the way...

There will come a point in the race, when you alone will need to decide.
You will need to make a choice.
Do you really want it?
You will need to decide.

At that point you will begin to suffer.
It's a small piece of your life, but one you'll remember.
Make it count.
Rolf Arands

See you tomorrow,



DaveMcG said...

Hi Tom just a final note to wish you and Helen all the best for the morning challenge as I said before enjoy yourselves primarily.

I've enjoyed the on tour blogs - guess that's your father in the last blog. Must be great to have such support out there with you both - and special for them too!!

Back home in Hyde Park - I equalled my PB this am. at 18:19 - a second's improvement on last weekend!!! I used the thought behind your quote from last nights blog, on the way round and decided I wanted it.

The race in general was the best I've seen up front with a close top three finish (around the 17:15 min mark), including an appearance from Tony in his VARR vest - (which reminds me I need to join up and to get wearing one myself).

Sadly the winner was the character who turned up late last week and decided to get close with me ... but at the end after praising his win I reminded him his ego was big but didn't mean the race had to wait for his arrival which he took in good spirits!

Well sleep well and look forward to your next update.


Tom said...

Cheers Dave,

Just about to write the final blog installment before hitting the sack... if I can put as much passion in to my run as you put in to yours I'll be flying!

See you back in Leeds,