Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Life's a whirlwind...

…and we’re whirling around in it. I’m currently typing this as we speedily head North up the M1 in a bid to get back in time to take run club (this is us on the first half of the journey while I was driving). We’ve been in London to see Tom’s pa who is here for a two day meeting and we’ve been lucky to tie that in with a shoot that I was booked to do for Blueseventy with Alistair Brownlee. Work for both of us has been pretty manic, especially with Tom & Martin embarking on their Marathon Talk podcast but they’re loving it and I can’t wait to hear Episode 2 which will be out tomorrow (Wednesday). Thanks for the brilliant feedback from all of you who have downloaded it.

Training wise Tom has had a great week of swim, bike and run, culminating in the PECO league Cross Country on Sunday where our club, Virgin Active Road Runners all did brilliantly on a tough muddy, boggy, squelchy, wet, cold course in Ilkley. Finally the snow has gone and the ice has melted which means that we can hit the streets for our runs and Tom can get outside on his bike. On Thursday Tom, myself and our mates Dave, Paul and Russell ran our long(ish) run on a treadmill because of the icy roads. We’ve done it before and I remember it not being very pleasant then and so this session didn’t disappoint! Tom and the boys had good strong runs, they did really well. I was still recovering from the flu which had left me with lingering nausea and the second I finished I felt as sick as a dog and had to go straight to bed when we got home. What a mental challenge 22.5km on a treadmill in a hot gym is, but we all did it. Thank the lord that the ice has gone because the thought of running 16miles this week on one of those brain challenging machines is enough to tip me right over the edge!!

Brass Monkey Half Marathon is this Sunday and so unfortunately have any thoughts of a pb for me and probably Tom. We had hoped to be going into this race in good condition but with our Christmas escapades up and down the country and then being ill for what feels like forever and the lingering snow we're a few weeks short of pb's I think. The plan is to run it hard anyway and use it as a hard training session, you can't beat a race for pushing yourself.

I'm afraid our blog has been a little neglected of late. Not at all on purpose but mainly due to how busy we've been and how forgetful we're becoming due to how busy we are!! I promise that normal service will resume as soon as we're sorted and organised and actually in Leeds on a weekend!!

18 weeks of hard training for Tom now that the clock is ticking towards May and the Lanzarote Ironman and for me I've got 14 weeks to go before the London Marathon and both of us are looking forward to getting some hard consistent training in. Please, no more snow!!!

Last but not least before I sign off so I can get my weary self to bed, finally my 365 picture project details are sorted and I'd like to invite you all to the event. You'll find all of the details on this invite. So if you're reading this you are cordially invited to come and share the evening and maybe buy a print or two. Hope to see you there :0)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it's bedtime.... and Tom is editing Ep 2 of Marathon Talk.... he could be a while... just this little joint blog for both of us again this week.

H & T x

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