Sunday, 24 January 2010

Coming out of hibernation...

I've heard that said a few times today... the title of my blog that is.

It's true, I think today for those that raced in this morning's Brass Monkey it actually woke us all up from our sleepy central heated houses and thrust us into 2010 - a tad later than planned and a little more unprepared than planned - but I feel, finally, we've all broken through!

Since getting ill on January 4th I really haven't been quite right and only this week have I actually felt human and healthy again. I was disappointed that I wasn't looking forward to this mornings race. In October I'd planned to be in great shape for today. I had begun Winter training on such a high and got myself in good nick. Then Christmas came and the routine went out of the window. I was busy at work, we spent a lot of time dashing here and there and the devil that is chocolate had started to seep it's Christmassy deliciousness slowly but surely into our cupboards via Sainsbury's and gifts... fatal!

The snow has gone, the ice has melted, and order is being restored in Meanwood. Phew... I was concerned Santa swapped my training mojo for sacks of chocolate and believe it or not I'm so much happier to have my mojo back. So... the burning question... how did I run? Especially seeing as being ill seemed to have rendered me capable of only running like one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Lumpa's.

Firstly, there was no PB (personal best) and no surprise there. But... I LOVED it today. Yes, it hurt and yes I faded near the end but I had such a great time, mostly down to the fact that for the first time I didn't run in a bubble on my own. There was a little group of us, myself, and mates Paul Sanderson, Rich Pullen and Debbie Stockley. Wow... we worked so well together. I reigned the boys in for the first 8 miles and they were strong come the end and loving it and Debbie, well what a race she had. Debbie, you were AMAZING, your grit, determination and race spirit was brilliant, you worked hard and never gave in, that helped me so much today I can't tell you, a huge WELL DONE on your 10 minute pb!!!!!

I felt comfortable in terms of my engine, we were ticking those 7:06min miles off with the odd 6:58 thrown in there for good measure like little metronomes, but my heart and lungs were writing cheques my legs couldn't cash and come mile 10 I started to fade. I crossed the line in 1:34:31 with a big grin, Paul was 15 seconds ahead of me, Rick was literally just behind me and Debbie came through seconds after that. A line in the sand that I can work on now. I just need to get these little legs of mine out on the road and used to getting a pounding again.

Time with good friends was had this weekend too as Ozzer and the Eekster who came from Oxford, stayed with us over the weekend and also raced well today, nice times kids and so good to get together, loved it!

Congrats to all the VARR runners and thanks to all the supporters who braved the cold sleety rain today, the shouts are all much appreciated.

It's good to be back.

H x

P.s Here's my 365 project invite again for those who didn't catch it first time around.

P.P.S Debra, Andy and Suki, you were missed, hope you had fun in the Lakes.


Debra said...

Fab racing to you both, brilliant times given your recent illnesses and hectic schedules :)

And yes felt very wierd not being there at all, never mind not racing it, but had a fab and relaxing weekend away that was a great tonic

debbie said...

Hey Helen it should be me thanking you, I was so lucky to hook up with you in that first mile!! I was clinging on up to mile 10 before the wheels started to come off and I knew I just had to get myself home.

Thanks for letting me run with you and your team mates and for checking that I was alright through out the race. I was proud to be running with you and I'll get us both registered for next year as soon as it comes out!!

Thanks again H for helping me to my best run ever...


H said...

Debra, next year you'll be there with more than just the dog!!

And Debbie, you deserved every minute of that pb, and it was your determination and strength that stopped me dipping in no-mans land around the 7-8mile mark, I really enjoyed us all working together like a little team!

Can't wait to see how you do this season, awesome girl!