Sunday, 10 January 2010

2010 starts tomorrow...

Not the best start to the year for either Mr Williams or Mrs Williams. Tom was the first to be struck by poorlyness and then on return from the Yelling household I came down with flu and am only just recovering now.

Therefore Tom & I have decided that our 2010 starts tomorrow (Monday.) Back into a routine will do us both good, I just have to ease into it gently and Tom needs to make sure he's getting his bike miles in.

We're both super busy at the mo too. Tom's right in the middle of launching the Marathon Talk podcast that he and Martin are producing every week which sounds like it's going to be fab. It's a free weekly podcast that will be available to download on iTunes starting on January 13th and then every Wednesday after that.

And as the days tick by (today is Day 342) I am but 23 days away from the end of my 365 project and the exhibition. The exhibition date has now been confirmed as Wednesday 3rd February 2010. The venue will be Salvo's Restaurant on Otley Road in Headingley. The time is yet to be confirmed. Invites will be going out very, very soon. I hope you'll be there. Drop me a line if you'd like to come.

I think 2010 has much in store for both of us this year, and I do sense change for us both, a lot of change. Changing work commitments for Tom, possibly moving and training for our goals this year should keep the pair of us on our toes. I know any thoughts of pb'ing at the Brass Monkey Half Marathon at the end of January have gone down the pan and instead it will just have to be a hard training run. Tom's struggled to get outside on his bike and with more snow forecast I forsee more turbo time in the garage! As for me, well being ill for this whole week has wiped me out. I can't wait to feel fit again. Christmas put a small dent in our usual routine of training, and then Christmas pudding, chocolate & mince pies etc put a dent in our willpower!

So, tomorrow...2010 starts tomorrow and we'll be up at the crack of dawn like the good old days and we'll be in the pool starting our new year the way we would have liked last week.

Happy New year...

H & T x

P.s The pic above is of a lone man watching the sun set on the first day of 2010... (and is one of my 365.)


ADC said...

Yes, my 2010 starts today too. Glad you are feeling better.

Jevon said...

Same here. Relax into it .