Sunday, 22 February 2009

So much to say and so little time...

What can I say.... time's well and truly got the better of me today, I know it's only twenty past six and we've often written well into Sunday night but this year it's a new me and I'm taking rest and recovery more seriously than ever. With around 12 hours of training this weekend making around 25 for the week I'm absolutely cream crackered, today's century (not) was a massive effort made worse by serious mechanicals at mile 66 and having nursed my bike through another 26 it gave up the ghost at mile 92 and I had to call Ben to come and get me in his car :( Thanks mate, it would have been a long cold walk! Thanks also to Alison for stopping to see if I was alright :) :)

Following his interesting question posted as a comment on last week's post I had promised Ove that I'd make my answer the topic for this week's scribble, but having spent most of today's 92.5 miles mulling over what I wanted to say I'm sorry to say that it won't be tonight. What I will try and do is for the first time ever post during the week as I think it's a really interesting topic that I have a few interesting (to me anyway) thoughts on.

So without further ado,



p.s. well done to Dave M for not only winning parkrun Leeds (the new name for our Saturday 5k) for the third time but setting a pb in the process!

p.p.s. also well done to Ben G and Jevonelli for getting back on their respective horses in double quick time ;)


DaveMcG said...

Thanks Tom - Saturday was a real buzz and a bit of a surprise to run so strong after Thursday's 18 mile graft. I was also really pleased to see how quick I recovered

I've trained harder this weekend and hope it shows in the 20 miler coming up.

Thanks for your direct influence on my recent achievements. You offer so much to so many on inspiration, dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge on all things endurance.

Best of luck this week with your own training toward Kona related goals. Enjoy!

Ps. My improvement targets have been a mixed bag - the circuits haven't happened (replaced with some decent swimming sessions - for my ability in the pool anyway!!), reasonable discipline on the sleep front and starting to develop the importance of running 10 miles or more at the weekends.

In hindsight I could have done a lot better but it's a start so maybe I'll try the same again for March.

I think the 'penny has dropped' on the work I need to do to get close to my sub 3:00:00 target!

Rob Bane said...

Hi Tom,

Update on my goals...which were modified to doing 3 1hr gym bike sessions per week and taking corrective action to fix myself. I've got to say I'm delighted with the results and feel like its the start of a new regime. Thanks for the idea...

Tom said...

hey guys,

great to hear from you both and well done on your respective achievements.

with a few days to go I'm looking like hitting my bike target but scoring a 'close but no cigar' to the water and stretching goals. I have in the process however stretched and drunk more than ever before, have definitely felt the benefits and will be looking to have another crack at 28/28 in March ;)

Even if it's just becoming more aware of our behaviour I think we all will have got something positive from the 28 day challenge, the key of course is using that to move forward rather than slipping back into old routines.

speak soon,