Sunday, 22 February 2009 eggs...

If I'm perfectly honest I don't really have much of interest to post today.  I know that's unusual for such a mind spiller like myself, but the good thing about not having much to say for once also means that nothing has gone wrong in mind or body this week :)  I've had another great/hard week of training which culminated in todays 100 mile ride out in the very windy Dales.  It was a slog but not un-enjoyable, although it was a little lonely.  Tom left the house 40mins after me and we had hoped that he would catch me on the return and we would finish the ride together. A broken free hub put pay to that however and Tom was stopped in his tracks at mile 92 :(

Yesterday morning we did our 9 mile run interval session which went well this week and I managed to push myself hard, then it was home for brekkie before heading off for a bike interval hill session which is about 50 miles in total and a good leg smasher.  Dinner with my brother and my niece was well earned last eve and I knew my little legs would feel yesterday in them as I took them out for todays hilly 100.  A harsh headwind for the first 50 miles is plenty Lanza training I can tell you, I had to keep telling myself to embrace the wind and get bloody used to it :)  The rewards of the ride are huge, great miles in the legs and the most beautiful scenery for the eyes.  I wasn't selfish enough to stop and take a picture today though, my desperation to get home in under 8 hrs fuelled by Mini Eggs, homemade flapjack and salted peanuts did the job nicely.  I have done that ride so much quicker in fact over an hour quicker but the wind was relentless, still I'm pleased and my choice of nutrition was perfect :)

February's goals are all ticking along nicely.  And I'm still having fun with my one pic a day, Week Three's pics HERE.  I hope you're enjoying them?

Jevon, hope your sausage leg is healing well and your not in the dog house for being naughty and training (although you're dead right, we all know that we Ironman nutters would be doing just the same if it were any of us!)

BenG hope the ear's fixed, the pain has stopped and you're ready to take on the Ironman world again :)

And a huge congrats to Dave McGuire who pb'd (again) at HPTT and won!!  Well done Dave, great run :)

See you next week when we'll be posting from Lanzarote :)

H. x


Rob Bane said...

Loving the photos, particularly the idea of looking at things we see everyday in a different way/from a different angle/in a different light or just through a fresh lens. Great stuff, hope they continue throughout the year...

DaveMcG said...

Thanks Helen - I really enjoyed it - doesn't happen every day but it's great when it occurs.

A 'monster' session of training by yourself this weekend - amazing!! No wonder you're hungry!!! Enjoy Lanza and get stuck into those climbs from your Dales work.