Sunday, 15 February 2009

Reaping the rewards...

This week has been a great week of training for me.  I've not done huge amounts of volume and I've not done any majorly intense sessions but I'm finishing this week feeling like finally it's all starting to come together.  The ass kicking I got on the bike in Lanzarote has put some good strength into my little legs and I'm enjoying turbo sessions and riding outside (although the latter has been few and far between because of the snow.)  My renewed vigour on the bike came through with my 80 mile ride today (see above pic at the halfway point in Kettlewell) as for the first time I could sustain a higher than normal average heart rate (140) for the whole of the ride (5hrs 23mins in total.)  Something I've never been able to do in the past due to not having the strength in the old legs to raise it.  That training camp sure has helped my overall strength and the constant hours in the garage have helped my cadence and my general bike fitness. 

I've not been swimming as much as normal but am still swimming strong.  I did a pb set of 200's on Thursday, a much faster set than I've done before so I'm not worried about the decrease in volume in that area and am hoping things will continue to improve as the weeks tick by.

And finally the runs that I've been doing (and not enjoying due to feeling sluggish and tired) were all good this week too after a great tempo treadmill session on Tuesday where I felt as strong as Tony Audenshaw's proverbial Ox and then ran a very strong 16 miler on Thursday evening.  

There can't be anything better than that feeling of finally getting somewhere.  I'm just clinging onto the fact that it's here to stay with me :)  Stretching every day and getting practically 8hrs solid kip kip every night are all factors in this I'm sure, those 8.30pm bed times are worth every zzzzz especially when that 5am alarm goes off.

So a very productive and positive training week for me and one which I'd like to continue right up to Lanza on May 23rd :)

Not forgetting of course my year of pictures, here's Week Two's installment, hope you like them.

H. x


Ben G said...

Solid week Helen, sounds like you enjoying your training, enjoyable sessions means better sessions, better sessions means more progress. I like the photoshopped 'Tom on Turbo' photo nice effect. Have another good week.

Khara Mills said...

Such a positive week, so nice to hear and I found myself smiling reading it. Good to see you out and about yesterday. I was on my longest ride ever of a little under 100k with no cafe stop :-) Loved it!
Great pics again.
Khara x

H said...

Glad you like the pictures Ben, I'm having fun taking them, although I hope I have enough things to think of photographing for the next 300+ days!!! Also hope you're mending strong. x

Khara, it certainly feels good to be back to a place of happy training, and training I'm enjoying. Well done for you ride on Sunday, it's a hilly old course out there and you must be over the moon with it. Good one ;) xxx and thanks for your constant encouragement and support. x