Sunday, 30 November 2008


The weirdest thing about writing my blogs at the moment is the fact that I've got nothing to moan about.  Nothing to psycho-analyse, nothing to be negative about, nothing to ponder and certainly nothing to be worried about.  Although now it sounds like I'm moaning about the fact that I've got nothing to moan about!!!  But in all honesty it actually makes the subject matter of my weekly brain spewing, really rather quite a challenge. 

What can I say apart from this week has been another great training week.  Another stepping stone in the swimming arena when I pb'd for 400m on Tuesday.  Previously I'd only just managed to break 6mins with a 5.59 until Tuesday when I swam 5.52 (I know 7 seconds doesn't sound a lot) but in the pool and for me that was a big step forward.  It wasn't my best performance either.  I didn't feel as up for it as I'd hoped and I didn't hit the wall as well as I could have but I did manage to push myself harder than before and so 5.52 is there for me to enjoy yet know that there's a little more in there on the right day :)

I'm a little disappointed that I'm not managing to get outside on my bike very much.  Morning ice, dark nights and awkward working hours in the day have meant that I've seen more of the back of the garage door than the Dales :(  Still I've done some good 2hr turbo sessions and if anything surviving them mentally has got to be part of the training for IM too.  I'm really looking forward to our training camp in Lanzarote in January where I think I'm going to have to bike, bike, bike until I can bike no more.

In the running department I've taken to changing my running foot strike.  It's a slow process and one not to be taken lightly but after a running training analysis it appears that as well as being a bit of a heel striker, I collapse on my right hip which is affecting my back and making me a bit wonky.  In fact wonky enough that I have to have my back regularily manipulated.  So, after the running analysis and a chat with Liz (my physio) I've been trying to strike mid-foot (not as easy as it sounds after years of being a heel striking hoverer!!!)  Striking the ground with my mid to fore foot appears to keep my body in a straight line and although my calf muscles have taken a bit of a battering they are slowly but surely coming round to the idea and I'm hoping that this will take my running up a notch.  Although as Tom has pointed out that won't be of any use to me if I haven't done the bike, bike, bike thing because that's what is going to determine how strong I am in the run.   Still I feel good about the whole ensemble, it's coming together nicely :)

Before I sign off there's a few things to mention... 

Firstly to Mr Jevonelly. I'm willing you a happy taper week as you eat your way through tons of pasta in preparation for the Luton Marathon on Saturday...may the force be with you. We will certainly be with you in spirit and look forward to hearing all about it, have a great

Secondly to Eek who is living the tri life in Oz... may the sun shine down on your sessions all day... xxx

Thirdly to Francesca, Tiffany and Luchia, how you made me laugh, you're brilliant...and all that jazz... xxx

And last but never EVER least to Tom, I can't WAIT to be your wife :) forever, and ever and ever and in fact legally and in writing in 6 days but in heart, soul and party stylee in 13 days...xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

H. x

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Jevon said...

thanks for the good wishes. will txt you time when it's done.
FANTASTIC time in the pool... well done... that's a big improvement !
And finally... good luck for this week...