Sunday, 7 December 2008

Just done it...

Wow, what a weekend, what a whirlwind, but what fun!!!  Most of you will already know that on Saturday Tom and I were married.  The pic above is at HPTT (Leeds weekly 5km time trial) on the morning of our wedding.  I say wedding but actually it was only our wedding in the eyes of the law.  Tom and I have actually chosen to get married next weekend in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, outside (yes, outside in this weather!!!)  Unfortunately English law doesn't allow people to legally marry outdoors and also our venue isn't licensed so Tom and I had to cross the T's and dot the i's yesterday in I guess what is classed as our 'proper' wedding but in our heads that all happens with everyone we love and care about next weekend, bring it on we can't wait!!

So, to the pic above.  Saturday was a bit mad.  We got up at 5am, were pedalling away on our bikes in the garage for 2hrs by 5.30am, rushed to get showered and ready to hot foot it to HPTT where Tom had promised his friend Tess (see above pic) that she could break 50mins for the 5km time trial.  And 50mins she did break too.  But then you can't imagine Tom would take anything less.  We practically marched Tess around the course and she was fab and all three of us were so so pleased that she made it in a blinding 47mins!!!  So Tess, you can do it and we hope it spurs you on every week when we can't make it so keep up the good work. x

Then we skipped off to have our wedding rehearsal for the real deal wedding next week, had lunch and off we went to sign on the dotted line and so here I am now Mrs Williams, very, very odd and all a bit surreal.  I'm looking forward to wearing THE dress and saying OUR vows next Saturday and then I truly will be Mrs Williams.

Training this week has been great but sporadic.  Great turbo sessions (far too much ice and snow this week to get out) great swim sessions with a break through set of 4 x 400's this week in 6.12, 6.00, 6.06, 6.07 and our weekly tempo treadmill on Tuesday, a 10mile treadmill run (pavements too icy to run on) on Thursday and a hard running interval session this morning. I'm feeling strong and in good condition.  I just feel a bit mentally torn by my excitement for the impending wedding, arranging the last few things to be done and keeping my head switched on for my training sessions, it's all quite difficult for my brain to juggle, it just likes one or two things to concentrate on, not a few million!!!

This time next week my friends, Mr & Mrs Williams will be blogging from their honeymoon destination of Miami!!!!  Wuhooo!!!!!  We've booked what looks to be an amazing hotel which boasts a 40 metre rooftop pool and fingers crossed the warmth of the sun :)

Well done to Tess once again, you can do it girl, so impressed. x  

Commiserations to Mr Jevonelly who trained like a demon for the last 7 weeks (after coming back from injury) for the Luton marathon being held today.  He ate pasta like an athlete until he felt like Jaba the Hut and he tapered the way athletes hate to, to be in tip top condition for this mornings race.  Only to be thwarted by an upside down car on the Luton Marathon course that couldn't be moved and so the whole thing was cancelled!!!  My heart goes out to you sir :(

And of course a huge thank you to Yve and Ray, Sam and Amanda and Ben, Lies and Charlie who all witnessed the oddity of our first wedding!! xxx

I'm soooo excited I might explode!  

See you in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

H. x

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Jevon said...

Well done Mrs W !!! And congrats to Tess. Great effort. Look forward to seeing more PBs from her.