Sunday, 9 November 2008

Back on track...

It's my turn to write our joint blog tonight, normal blogging will resume next weekend :)  And as it's my turn I find myself writing it at a reasonable hour which is always a bonus on a school night.

This week has been a mixed bag of pain, lactic acid and outdoor clothes that could keep Edmund Hilary warm!!  But hey, we're back.  It's been a huge shock to the system and a huge shock to the brain but it feels great.  Getting into the pool for our first swim session on Monday was fantastic but it was hard.  Getting onto the treadmill on Tuesday was mentally tough and physically hideous.  And then having no time to ride outside through the week we re-aquainted ourselves with the turbo in the garage...ouch.

We did both need the rest, and there were times in that rest when we would question whether we were really going to benefit from a whole month... particularily when we were starting to get jumpy about how long it had been since we had done anything remotely testing.  I'm really glad we did do it though.  I got to update my website and we got to do things around the house that had been neglected (no that doesn't mean the garden for those that know us and our green fingered ways!)  We feel mentally ready for the hard work ahead and it's great watching your fitness improve over the days, albeit a painful few days!

Last week we went riding with Ady and he ripped both of our wobbly legs off.  Today I got out into the Dales and rode a very windy 60 miles.  The scenery out there is just amazing.  Todays bleak, windy day truly suited the rolling hills, the bleating sheep and the hardy Yorkshire cyclist.  This Winter we both refuse to be cold.  Last year we may as well have been cycling in open toed sandals so we've invested in sturdy Winter shoes and thick overshoes.  Nice warm toes :)  Hopefully these Winter miles are going to make Summer smiles!!

So we're back in the groove, back in a routine and eager to make the changes to our training in a bid to give Lanzarote 2009 absolutely everything.  The only thing we don't have is... the perfect flapjack recipe :(  Flapjack is just the best nutrition for us when we're out on our long rides, you just can't beat it.  Unfortunately we can't make it the way we like it either.  Last Sunday we made flapjack, the biscuit version, actually the kind of biscuit that could break your teeth.  We want a recipe for soft flapjack..anyone out there know one then do pass on your knowledge.  I'm just about to go into the kitchen and try another different recipe, fingers crossed.

We're hoping this coming week won't be as painful as the one just gone but we're both loving being back.

See you in seven ;)

Hels & Tom. 


Jevon said...

Hi guys
So how are those boots? Am debating whether to invest in a similar pair.
Also... Erin does a top flapjack. I'll get the recipe and send it to you. Butter plays a big part in it though so don't get all 'body perfect' on me :-)

Ben G said...

A solid week by the sounds of things, good stuff guys. Helen your website is looking great. Very professional, the pictures are awesome. Catch up soon.


Ben G said...

Chewy Flap Jack? From my basic cookery understanding I would guess more wet, sticky ingredients, golden syrup, honey, butter, and also Bannana. Check out,

Let me know if it works?

H said...

Hi Guys...

Jev, the boots are great, loving having snuggly buggly feet, we use overshoes with them and it's a huge improvement on the Tri-Vent shoes we were using before ;)

I'm also pleased to say, I've finally found a flapjack recipe that is quick, easy and bloody tasty :) :) but all recipes are greatly received. x

Cathy said...

Flapjack: I agree with Ben - make sure the misture is v moist - my recipe uses half weight of marg to oats and I always use more golden syrup than the recipe says! I like dates in mine too.
Good luck with the training. You ar an inspiration,