Sunday, 23 November 2008

Inspiration Sir? Yes please....

The training's going really well and I'm loving it.  I'm motivated, I'm improving and after the Annual Yorkshire Road Club Cycling Lunch today I'm inspired beyond belief.  

As the regular readers of our blog will know I've been on a fairly deep and personal journey trying to discover the things that make me tick.  And as you know they weren't always the things that make me tick the right way!  I'm not afraid to say that I'm deeply flawed but I wanted to understand those things and see if changing them could make the difference in my training and then in my racing.  Yes, and yes to both of those things and I'm in a much better place right now. I can't wait to watch my own improvement (I don't mean that to sound as conceited as it does) but I'm motivated by own positivity, and it's quite liberating.  Yes I still have off days when the negativity tries to pour in but generally I think I've kicked the habit and replaced it with a much better positive version :)

At the YCC lunch today Double Gold Paralympian David Stone (see pic) was the guest of honour and he talked about the things that made him as good as he is today.  He was truly inspirational.  I'm sure though that being in a better head space than I was this time last year that his words really rang loud and true.  He was asked what three things made the difference. His answer?  

1 - Self Belief (although a very new one on me, I'm there, for once I believe in myself!) 
2 - Determination (One thing I most certainly have.)
3 - Ruthlessness (Lots of things get put in your path to distract you but you have to be ruthless and stay focussed to get the best out of yourself.)

Those three things are all things that every one of us has the ability to tap into.  They don't cost anything, they don't rely on talent and if they're put to good use they can help achieve personal greatness.  It's been tried and tested and the proof is in David's very own Olympic Gold Medals. I want to be the best that I can be and today for the first time I understood all of those three things and knew that I was already applying them.  And already they're a huge part of what is making a difference in my training performance.

Bring it all on, I'm ready and I'm waiting!

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Anon

H. x

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