Monday, 7 January 2008

It's snowtime...

I'm currently hanging out with my old man in the Canadian village of Whistler and as you can see from the photo we're not short of snow :) This is the first time that I've snow-boarded in North America and it really does beat all the European resorts I've been to hands down. There are miles and miles of perfectly groomed pistes winding though amazing mountain scenery with hardly any crowds... the resort itself is crewed by amazingly helpful staff, the restaurants are great and our apartment complex has a heated outdoor jacuzzi and a treadmill, what more could you ask for?

On the training front time is pretty limited (I'll get the latest diary up in the next few days) but with a great 25m pool opening at 6am every day and only a two minute drive from where we're staying I'm hoping to get 15k in over the next five mornings... this morning I was there for 6 and managed a quick 10x300s before breakfast and the slopes ;) Obviously there'll be no bike action this week but with a treadmill on the ground floor of our apartment block I've thrown in a steady 8 mile run yesterday and today and will start chucking in some interval and tempo sessions as the week progresses. Overall if I can get 15k of swimming and 40 miles of running in to a week where we're on the first lift up the mountain every day then I'll be pretty pleased with myself.

Finally, in two ways this trip is really reminding me about what matters in life... spending quality time with my Dad is not something I do enough and I'm really enjoying just hanging out with him in such an amazing place, it's great that we've found something that we can enjoy together... at the same time, it's been a while since H and I have been apart and as independant as I am it just doesn't seem right that I'm not sharing this experience with her.

Anyway, I'm off to bed (just as most of you will be getting out of yours) as the alarm will be going off in eight hours and I've got 120 lengths to do before breakfast ;)

Speak soon,

T ;)


Jevon said...

Got to agree with you mate. It's all about finding a balance between life and training. And, whilst training is important... you'll always be able to keep fit. Time with those you love is a key part of allowing us to train freely...

Clare said...

Hi... you know you guys are an inspirations you live life and love alot.

Love you both for that


H said...


Haven't seen you in an age, hope you're all good. The boy Williams returns tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and I'm looking forward to seeing his cheeky face and messy ways. I can't tell you how much cleaner the house has been since he's been away!

Hope to see you soon.

H. x

Tom said...

Hi Clare and Jevon,

Cheers for your great comments ;)

See you soon,


Brian said...

What can I say? "Spending quality time with my Son is not something I do enough and I'm really enjoying just hanging out with him." All you Dad's out there; don't forget to stop and smell the roses and spend time with yours sons and daughters! One day you will turn around and it will be too late!

Tom said...

Cheers pops! Still can't believe it's gone... how time flies! I've realised why you were getting up so early now... in order to avoid jet leg you just thought you'd stay on Geneva time!!

love you