Monday, 28 January 2008

Crazy fools...

I've only got a couple of minutes tonight, which I've managed to steal in between marking a couple of 5,000 word essays at close to midnight... Whatever happened to prioritising sleep?

This weekend was another belter, we went down to Leamington for a surprise birthday bash for our mate Sam on Saturday night then stayed over and checked out Tough Guy this morning. As H said, it's probably the only event we've ever watched when we've been truly relieved not to be doing it... even with my obsessive personality and drive to go faster, in this case once is definitely enough!!

Training wise I've had yet another great week (with time not on my side it'll be a day or two before the week nine training diary is up) and got some great runs, some even greater swims and seven hours on the turbo in... not to mention a couple of weights sessions with AKJ. Looking at last years training diary I'm really surprised at how far ahead I am and how much more volume (both time and distance) I'm doing compared to Jan '07... training hard is easy though, it's training hard for six consecutive months that's difficult. At the moment though I feel great, I'm super motivated and am getting stronger all the time... hopefully I can keep pushing right through, to peak on July the 6th ;)

I really am gonna have to dash, a few people emailed me this week - sorry I've not got back to you, I promise a haven't slipped back in to my old ways ;) Tomorrow looks crazy busy and starts for me in a touch over five hours but Tuesday looks good to sort out my inbox.

Happy Birthday to Sam, well done to all who took on Tough Guy today.


p.s. todays picture was taken by Sam at Tough Guy and reminded me, along with the Saturday night dinner of a great quote from the film Young Guns...

"Ain't nothin more important than pals." - William H Bonney (aka Billy the Kid)

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