Sunday, 2 December 2007

Tom's training diary - week 1 of 32...

As if posting on the blog wasn't making Sunday evening's late enough I've decided to post my training diary from now until Germany...

This week's been pretty good and as the first of a 12 week base prior to the main 20 week block it's all about getting back in the rhythm of getting up at 5am four days a week, training twice most days and getting some serious hours in over the weekend. The swim sessions have been OK but by the end of each session my arms were struggling to keep up! Although I had planned to hit 15k, 45 minutes spent working on tumble turns with Ian Wilson (5th in the Olympics over 1500 freestyle) was worth the 2.5 sacrifice. I've not done anything hard on the bike with the mon turbo at an rpe of 3/10, wed about 6/10 and the Sunday morning intervals at about 7/10. The 60 mile ride with H was great but with my road bike still not up and running my Stealth got dirtier than it would have liked! It's been great to get back in to running after a couple of weeks off, Monday was easy (4 miles in 30 minutes), the Tuesday treadmill was supposed to be easy but my lay-off made me pay and my heart maxed out at over 183bpm!! Note: this was after 10 minutes at 15kph which is slower than my half marathon pb pace where I averaged under 160!!! Give me a month and I'll be back on track.

On the lifestyle front I managed 51.5 hours of sleep which is only 4.5 down on my target so nearly there, it's tough when the clock is set to go off at 5am! Weight wise I've dropped from 75 to 74.2 kilos so still a long way to go but again positive movement ;)

All in all a good week, great to be back training,


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