Sunday, 2 December 2007

Here we go...

Firstly apologies for the terrible quality of the above pic. Now that training has started time is no longer in abundance. After an hours run this morning (6am-7am) followed by a two hour turbo (7am-9am) (above pic) this morning we had to dash off to this months X County race that Tom was running in. I had wanted to run in it too but with the nasty weather conditions I thought that slippy ground was not going to aid a tendonitis injury in rehab!

So, here we are into the first week of training and I'm already loving it. As you can see from the above picture I'm re-acquainting myself with the garage and the turbo. I'm so out of condition but it's good to be able to start everything again and build it slowly and from the bottom up. My tendonitis is nearly gone. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be my last session with Liz the physio, then I'll really know it's on the mend. I'm aware though that I will always have a weak tendon now so I'm going to have to be cautious and listen to every twinge and take action instantly if it feels remotely irritated.

My arms felt like they'd been ripped out of their sockets after my first weights session with Tom and Andy KJ this week. Not one of my favourite sessions but I've been told to keep my upper body strong. Keeping everything working together will help me keep my ankle strong so I'll do almost anything to prevent another two month injury!

We're about to go into our second week and I think I'll have shrugged off the sluggish unfit feeling that has been hanging around me for the past two months. It's going to take a while to get back up to speed and I feel like a little snail when I'm on the road, either on a bike or out on a run but in a few weeks time when I've shed a few kilos and my fitness is starting to come back I'll soon be back on form.

I'm looking forward to getting out on my bike with Helen McVicker from Leeds Bradford Tri Club. Helen's a great triathlete and a very strong rider and I'm hoping that I'll pick up a few tips and get stronger, faster and generally become a more competent rider (that is if I can hang on to her wheel!)

I'm impressed it's 19.10 on Sunday evening and with dinner to be made and a few more emails to do I can see myself being comfortably tucked up in bed for 9pm fully rested and raring to go when the alarm goes off at 5am.

Bring it on...

H. x (p.s if you're interested below is how my first week has looked.)
(p.p.s tumble turns are a swine to master!)

Monday am: Swim - 4km mixed technique & speed session

Monday pm: 30min turbo/30min run (easy)

Tuesday am: Swim - 100m/200m/300m/400m/500m - 500m/400m/300m/200m/100m
Weights session with Tom & Andy KJ

Tuesday pm: Hour run (easy - still rehabing foot)

Wednesday am: 60 mile ride

Thursday am: Swim - 10 x 300m (alternating drafting) off 10secs rest

Thursday pm: 10 mile run (easy)

Friday am: Swim - 3.5km mixed technique/speed & tumble turn session

Saturday am: 60 mile ride with Tom

Sunday am: 1hr easy run followed by
2hr turbo which consisted of:
15min warm up - 10 x 8mins with 2min recov - 5min cool down

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