Sunday, 2 December 2007

No time to post....

This week's post is in the form of my training diary... which I've added as a seperate post. From now on each week I'll post a collection of my thoughts in one post and my training diary in another. You will be able to see my complete training diary by using the 'navigate to' section on the right hand side... obviously there is only one week's worth at the moment but I'll keep it going right up until Germany... and with a little luck... Kona ;)

It took me so long to work out how to fit it all on one page that that's all I've had time for this week.

Hope you find the training diary interesting, I'd really welcome any constructive comments, which I will reply to in the same way (when you make a comment you can tick a box which will let you know when other comments a posted in reply).

Speak soon,


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Jevon said...

good to see you're both back. Enjoy !!! J.