Monday, 24 December 2007

Festive Restraints...

Just reading Tom’s post on lifestyle and it’s many challenges brings us to how an athlete deals with Christmas. Should caution be thrown to the wind and as many mince pies and glasses of wine be consumed? Or should every mouthful be watched and training strictly adhered to? I wonder what Paula Radcliffe does? It’s something I’ve found difficult to get right to be honest. More because I don’t have a ‘moderation’ setting in my personality as I’m almost certainly an ‘all or nothing’ person. However, this year is going to be different. I’m writing this from my mums in South Shields and I haven’t dived into the Christmas chocolates (like I normally would) but we did all go out for a lovely meal together and I had a dessert. The challenge for me is having a little bit but not having it all. Training this week has been consisitent and I’m pleased with how it’s progressing (except for the annoying ankle thing which I’m hoping Santa is going to take away with him when he comes tomorrow night.) I had a fantastic swim session with Tom on Thursday where we did 10 x 300’s alternatively drafting. I worked really hard and feel like my swimming is progressing, even the tumble turns are coming along. So Christmas for me this week is going to have a little training and a little bit of what I fancy and I’m going to conquer the moderation thing… I think.
Todays picture is great for my winter motivation when the summer goal seems so far away.

I’m going to sign off and enjoy a week of Christmas food and Christmas training, I hope you all have a great one too…

H. xxx


Jevon said...

NOt quite conquered the moderation thing yet.
bring on the new year.

H said...


H. x