Sunday, 18 April 2010

Team Williams....

Joint blog this week, we're having a time issue (or lack of it...)

I can sum my epic week of life in the running world up in one sentence...

'This week I have been a non running, cake eating, marathon recovering, almost normal person.'

The nice thing about recovering from a marathon is that for the first week your legs and body ache enough to be incapable of anything other than rest (unless you're Russel Gardham and you PB at parkrun by quite some way!!!) I've actually enjoyed not double day running. I've been able to lie in, eat what I've wanted and had more time than I know what to do with when I've not been running, showering from running, eating after running or sleeping because of running. All very unusual.


A whole week of that has left me feeling, lazy, unhealthy and in need of some fruit! You long term blog readers will know I have no moderation button. I'm training or I'm definitely not training. I'm eating well or I'm eating anything with no nutritional value whatsoever etc. This week has been no different. I've opted out of the training world and into the cake eating world. As of tomorrow training will resume and cake eating will stop...on or off...simples!

Oh and yes... the memory of those painful few miles last Sunday have already been wiped from my memory bank which means that I have decided I will run London, sod it! Just don't expect me to win ;)

So that's enough about me, what's Tom done this week.

16 x 16 appears to have caught him between the devil and the deep blue sea. It's keeping him from going under (mentally) but at the same time it's proving to be very difficult (time wise). Any time spent away from home prevents those hours from being ticked off. Getting stuck in Bournemouth due to this volcanic ash episode has not helped at all. And so today, instead of racing Skipton triathlon he got up and rode from 6am until 3pm. Yup, that's right, 9 Yorkshire hours in the saddle. Tom's incredibly fit at the moment and very strong but hitting that 16 x 16 is a true test and one I'm not sure I could have stuck to. Come Lanzarote he is going to be so strong both physically and mentally, these long days in the saddle will pay him back I'm sure.

As for the swimming... I'm pleased to say that in our #winterswim finale (a 10km relay) Tom did the distance, something we weren't sure would happen. Team Williams which comprised of Tom and ...myself had 5km each to do. If you were a betting man you wouldn't have even looked at us. I haven't swum for over 4mths and Tom...well, you know his swimming story.
Alternating 25 x 200's was how we decided we would break it down. 2hrs and 49mins later and we were the proud owners of sore arms but at least Tom had 5km under his belt. His arms certainly not pain free and no better than normal but he got through it. His epic Iron journey this space.

Well done to all of those who were racing today, it was great to come along to Skipton and give you all a shout. Some great races had by you all on what is for many the first tri of the season. Have some cake (if only to stop me eating it!)

It's 9pm which means its bedtime. I'm double running tomorrow...yipeeeee!!!!! And Tom...he'll be on his bike!

H & T x

P.s Bradford's parkrun (see above pic) is now up and running and it's a beautiful course so if you're in the area on a Saturday morning go and play :)


Jevon said...

well done the two of you. Run easy this week, H and have a great run on Sunday... will chat with Tom about coming to see some of fLM with the girls.
Tom... really good news on getting theswim distance done. Result.

Anonymous said...

Loving it Team W! and particularly pleased to hear that Tom got through 5k in the pool on Saturday ;) Guy

ADC said...

Well come back to trainng. And Tom will do great in Lanzarote, I know it.

RobQ said...

great going team Williams, 9hr ride Tom? Respect! It'll all be worth it in Lanza.

Khara Mills said...

Have fun in London H. Give those legs a good talking to...oh you already are ;-)

That swim must give you a little more confidence Tom, well done. As for the bike miles, much R E S P E C T!!

Khara x

Tom said...

cheers folks,

I am getting there slowly... gonna need to find two hours on a hotel exercise bike at some point over the weekend if I'm to keep up with my 16 x 16!

As for the swim? It was good and bad... good because I managed it... bad because it reminded me just how much worse my swimming has become. I used to really really look forward to the swim, normally avoid any biff and was hoping to be out of the water in the top 50 this year... something tells me i'll need to pack my boxing gloves!