Monday, 26 April 2010

26.2… This chapter ends here…

So, with Paris marathon still in my legs and very little running in the two week gap my body had to recover, my expectations were swaying in the breeze of uncertainty.

I’m surprised to report that I was only two minutes slower than Paris and my legs certainly aren’t as trashed as they were then. So I have a 3:29 (from Paris) and a 3:31 (today) in the space of two weeks, that’s not bad going is it J

I thought a lot (well that’s a lie, about two weeks actually) about how I was going to approach today. Was I going to just run round with friends and enjoy the ride or was I going to try for a pb? I waited until Saturday to decide and not surprisingly I decided to give it a go BUT (the plan) if it ever got too much for my poor legs then was to back it off. And that’s what I did. I went for sub 3:20 (my pb) and felt great but at mile 16 I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sustain the pace without imploding into a tiny million bazillion pieces …and going through hell wasn’t on my day’s itinerary. I slowed down and instead enjoyed the amazing atmosphere, weather and general pain that comes with 26.2miles… my last 26.2miles for quite a while.

Here endeth a rather HUGE chapter of my life in the athletic world. Last year saw the end of Ironman and crossing the line today in front of the Queen’s house (with a huge smile on my face) draws a line under double run days and 5am starts. I’d love to write something really poignant about how that feels but to be honest it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. With sore legs and a tired body I still feel like an athlete, will that change the week after next? Who knows? How do you make the transition from athlete to normal person? I’m hoping the stork will come and visit us after Tom’s done Lanza and the new chapter in our life will begin. Until then I need to have a rest. I will, of course, keep running, just not as emphatically as I have done. parkrun will play a large part in keeping me sane… thank you parkrun for existing!

Well done to all of you who ran today (especially Tom, read his blog) I can’t wait to watch him in Lanza, it’s going to be a special day! My permanent source of love and inspiration, you’re AMAZING.

To Kay for her incredible marathon journey and HUGE pb, you’re inspirational girl x

To Chris Jones who gives his all, it’s there for you Chris, well done x

To Michael Jameson, I hope you enjoyed it out there Mike x

To Paul Gaile, a pb and super speedy, amazing x

To Dave McGuire, you always love the day Dave, and always have a smile, love your enthusiasm, great time x

To Tony & Ruth (of’s Tony’ Trials) officially the fastest baby to run a marathon! x

To the rest of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research team, well done x

To Nicky who has already run 6 marathons this year!!!

And to Mel's Dad who ran 3:21 and had suffered bad cramp!! Brilliant time x

And to all I’ve forgotten (apologies) but well done x

And then of course, thanks to all who came to support and to all who sent their love and support. Seeing your little faces willing me on was such a boost. Thanks for the jelly baby offer Kirstie, it was great seeing you and Mr Hami (twice).

If you haven’t done London Marathon yet it’s a must. Honestly, it’s one of the most amazing marathon experiences, ever.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep my part of the blog going yet. It could be a very boring read, but thanks to you all for every word, every piece of advice and every inspiration for the past five years.

Definitely time to sign off before I cry Gwyneth Paltrow style.

H x


Michelle Simmons said...

Congrats!! Sounds like a tough day but holy cow that's amazing just 2 weeks after Paris!

And you can still be an athlete and a mom. Trust me. You NEED to still be an athlete when you're a mom. :)

Cathy said...

Well done you!! what an amazing achievement! Thanks for all your blogs over the past few years - they have been a real source of inspiration. Good luck with the next chapter!

Rogier, Natalie & Rhys said...

Well done Helen, not only for London and Paris this year, but throughout your athletic career.

It has been my pleasure to see you grow as an athlete and to be able to have shared some of your many many training hours in the pool.

And trust me if I say that you will always be an athlete, may be on a different level than you have operated the last number of years, but I am convinced it is in a person's make up to be active/atheletic throughout their life and you will learn to fit exercise in with your routine as a 'normal person'.

You have been and for me will continue to be inspirational.


Debra said...

H, the blog must keep going regardless of the change in life's direction, you have too many avid followers to let it end there

Sorry we didn't spot you on Sunday in spite of our best endeavours, but reading your blog makes sense as to why we did, we were looking out for you on 3.30 pace and you went past us (mile 11) at 3.20 pace, boy those legs of yours really do deserve a huge rest now, very well done!!

Khara Mills said...

So proud of you for daring to believe in yourself to go for it. An amazing result, with or without Paris in your legs, great running H! You'll never know just how inspirational you are and you can look back on all your amazing achievements as you work towards a different kind of life...and it sounds like it's gonna be just as, if not more, exciting.
Khara x

H said...

Thanks for all your comments and advice over the years you guys, you're all my own source of inspiration, something I'll take with me on my little journey of life :)
Keep up the good work you training triathlete/running nutters, love it, I won't be that far away doing a little bit here and there, gotta keep myself sane somehow!