Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chill time...

Exactly seven weeks from this very moment I'll be kicking back in Puerto Del Carmen (Lanzarote) and the final chapter of this blog will have either a) just come to an end... or b) just started. Over the last few years Ironman has given me the most amazing highs and also the most difficult lows that I have ever experienced and with, potentially, a mere 42 days left of this wonderful journey I have a feeling the roller-coaster will chuck in a few more twists and turns for good measure.

Hels and I spent this afternoon kicking back in the great company of our friends Liz, Chris and Russell and having got out at 6am for a nice five and a half hour ride with my mate Guy and done all my todo's (other than the blog) it became a super rare afternoon of doing nothing much in particular... a real treat in the endless business that is our current crazy lifestyle.

Anyway, this is meant to be a blog about the road to Kona so where are we? Well, next Sunday I'll be able to tell you a lot more... I'm racing in the Circuit of the Dales time trial and having done it almost every year since I started triathlon it should provide me with some great feedback on where my bike legs are at. I feel that my 16 x 16 hour challenge (16 bike hours a week for 16 weeks - I'm currently one hour up on target with 145 hours in nine weeks) has so far brought me on par with my best ever bike condition, yet with a steeper 'trajectory' heading toward Iron day on May the 22nd... this time next week I'll know. Running is flying... despite taking it easy, feeling rubbish and having two extended stops for gingerbread men (if you don't know what that means then catch up with Tony's Trials on Marathon Talk) I snuck under 2:30 for a very hill 20 with an average heart rate in the 130s... I know I'm in my best run shape ever and that means I know I can break 3.10 in Lanza.

As for the swim... let's not talk about swimming just yet shall we ;)

Right, it's Easter Sunday and I've still got time to do a little more of nothing in particular...

Night x

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