Sunday, 6 September 2009

Season review... Twitter style...

With our swim, bike and run season finally coming to an end when H crossed the finish line of yesterday's Vitruvian triathlon (see today's pic and H's blog) I thought I'd put together a 2009 end of season report. With nine months of racing to cover there was a serious danger this could have turned into a 'War and Peace' length epic so to stop me going on I decided to limit myself to 140 characters per calender month.

Are you sitting comfortably...

January - Started with a ten day training camp which nearly broke both of us and finished with the Brass Monkey Half marathon - T 1:19 (pb) and H 1:38

February - Training, training and more training before flying to Lanza on the 1st of March. I did manage to sneak in a shiny new 400m swim pb of 5:33.

- Our second Lanza camp, a strong bike focus saw us hit nearly 1000 miles between us in seven days. Ball Buster duathlon T 2:55 (pb) H 3:23

April - Kicked off with the Circuit of the Dales... T - DNS! H - 2:40 (MASSIVE pb) then 160 mile mega ride on the 12th and two 100/10 big bricks

May - Started with mega brick - 5 hour ride / 20 mile run and finished with Lanza - T 10:20 (59/5:41/3:31) and H (64/6:38/4:37) - close, no cigar

June - Cleveland Olympic - T 1:59 (pb) & H 2:15 (pb) then 50 mile time trial - T 1:58 (pb) H 2:20 (pb) and I snuck in my first sub 30 Pool Triangle

July - Ironman Switzerland - T 9:28 (57/5:03/3:24) (pb - missed Kona by three minutes) and H 11:15 (63/6:03/4:03) - rest, rest and more rest.

August - VOTWO Swim - T 1:06 & H 1:15 / Allerthorpe Olympic T 2:05 & H 2:20 / Club 10 T 23:53 (2nd) H 25:50 (pb & champ) / H 32:42 at Pool T (pb)

September - Feet well and truly up for me, H finished the season in style at the Vitruvian with 4:51 (30/2:35/1:42) for 4th in cat. Training starts 21st

So there you go, not that many races (no marathons, only one running race and no middle distance races, which are my favourite, for me) but plenty of pbs and more training than you can poke a stick at. The first time that either of us have attempted two Iron distance events in a single season taking our combined total to nine... good reason for me to do Lanza as our number ten and satisfy my OCD. Will there be a number eleven? Watch this space ;)

With less than two hours training in the last two weeks and even less than that scheduled for the next two I find myself firmly in the middle of my month of rest. Despite growing wider by the day (I'm down to my final two pairs of wearable trousers!) I can feel my mojo returning and can't wait to get back on it from the 21st.

I'll pen some thoughts on the above in time for next week's blog.

Finally, don't forget to cheer Alistair and Jonny Brownlee on at next weekend's world triathlon championships from the Gold Coast. They're favourites to win the senior and junior titles respectively and are in great form. I was under the impression that the BBC were covering it but can't find it in the listings, if not then check out for live video via the tinternet.

See you next week,



Rogier, Natalie & Rhys said...

Very well done to both of you, What an impressive season. I stand here applauding you both. Enjoy your well-earned rest and I see you (virtually) in the pool when you are back in training

Tom said...

cheers mate,

Come the 21st I'll be in desperate need of some swimming pool mojo ;)