Thursday, 24 September 2009

As promised...

It would be so rude of me not to post having had an amazing week last week & I did promise I would so here is a brief blog :)

Last week was hectic and busy but full of promising things on the work side and then the joy of being able to start training again on Monday gave me light at the end of a very greedy tunnel!!

Having more time on my hands while I've been resting has meant that I've managed to put an awful lot of time into my business & I've shot some really interesting projects, sold some images on and am starting to reap the rewards from my effort which I plan to maintain along with a less heavy training schedule. Training will become much more run focused giving me that extra amount of time for shoots and editing which regularily have me glued to the computer. I swear I didn't realise how inactive I can be through the day when I'm editing and if it wasn't for a training regime I could turn my bum into the size of our sofa in a few months quite easily!

The great thing about loving triathlon and exercise in general is that I've met some incredible people along the way, people who will be lifelong friends and even people in the cyber world who all have common interests and goals. This means that not only do I get to keep in touch with the triathlon world while I'm out of it, but I also get to put my photography skills to good use and have shot a bit for Triathlon Plus & Triathlon Europe, it's all good :)

I appear to have filled my rest days with cake and chocolate!! Where is the incredible willpower that I possess while I'm training!? I've really got it all the wrong way round. While I'm training hard I could afford to have the odd cake or chocolate bar every now and then but strangely I don't want to eat that sort of stuff and then when I'm resting I eat it just because I can, have no willpower (not a single drop) and avoid most fruit and veg (which actually I love). But there you have it, one day I might get the bottom of it, but I tell you my poor legs don't like having to re-start training with a heavier load!!

I finished last week off with what was definitely the highlight of it and that was a weekend at the Great North Run which finishes in my home town of South Shields. I've watched it since I was little girl, must have ran it at least 10 times and then this Sunday I walked it...with my ma and her little friend Marie (see above pic, my ma's on the left). They've been walking training since April and I have to say I've been really impressed with their dedication. Building up from no miles to 12 miles has been great for them both and it was a huge achievement to cross the line in 4hrs on Sunday, both with big beaming smiles and me with weary legs, I tell you they'd have hurt less if I'd have ran it!!! We topped it off by surprising my ma with a 60th birthday party and all her friends and family came to share her day, it was fantastic and an amazing way to celebrate her success.

So, that's me, and now I'm back into training (although I could be thwarted this week with two night shoots on Emmerdale) but I appear to have my willpower back and have given up chocolate, crisps, sweets, cake and caffeine etc for a whole month before allowing myself one treat a week to stop me going mad :) Time to trim up my sofa size backside!!

Pic a day is still coming along nicely and is here and here.

H x

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Jevon said...

H. all sounds lovely and 'balanced'. Congratulations on another great season and we'll see you down here soon. Alice wants another swim race!