Monday, 21 September 2009

Back in the game...

Far too tired for pictures today... this post is from Tom ;)

Today I think I may be setting another pb... the earliest I've ever managed to write my blog! It's Saturday morning, H and I are in Newcastle for the Great North Run (spectating) and I've managed to steal a few moments in the cafe at the Baltic Mill, hop on their wifi and here I am...

Straight to the point...

Today is day 27 of my 28 days of rest and on Monday it all starts again in my attempt to have a stellar 2010. Normally the Great North Run marks the end of my season, this year with things being a little tougher and me being a little more tired I brought my month off forward by four weeks. The term 'rest' however has many different interpretations, particularly within the world of endurance sport, and often when we hear 'I'm not training at the moment' it's followed up by 'just out for an 'easy' couple of hours'... you only have to tune in to the wonderful world of Twitter to find seemingly contradictory Tweets referring to 'rest' and 'exercise' in the same breath. Now, I'd be the last person to say what would or wouldn't be the right thing to do, and this isn't about outlining some kind of 'best' strategy for end of season recovery, rather a clear and honest description of the physical activity I've done over the last four weeks. No playing things down, no bravado, no 'didn't mention that two hour ride because it was too easy'... this is absolutely all the physical activity (above that required to function during a normal day i.e. walking up the stairs) that I've done...

Week One
1 x 60 minute Run @ 12 minute mile pace
1 x 900 metre swim at 5:30/300m pace as 3  x 300

Week Two
1 x 60 minute Run @ 12 minute mile pace

Week Three
1 x 60 minute Run @ 12 minute mile pace

Week Four
1 x 60 minute Run @ 12 minute mile pace

That's it... make of it what you will. As I said it's not about right/wrong etc. Just an accurate account of what 'I've just had a month off training' means to me in 2009. How do I feel? On the down side?... fat, lazy, unfit, generally minging and likely to seriously suffer for the next month or two of training... on the up side?... my once deflated mojo has returned stronger than ever before, I can't wait to swim, bike and run morning, noon and night, and with friends, training partners and heroes (I'm fortunate in that many people fill all three of those roles simultaneously) supplying inspiration like I've never known... it's time to get busy ;)

Having started this blog further from 'deadline' than ever before I find myself sitting here at 2am on Sunday night / Monday morning... how did that happen? Well, my moment in the Baltic was shorter than expected and our proverbial feet have failed to touch the floor since. Today I hung out at the great North while H and her mum shared some quality time together, not to mention 13.1 miles... well done ladies ;) This evening we had a brilliant surprise party for said mother in true Geordie style with booze and banter aplenty and good times had by all. Unfortunately we didn't manage to leave until midnight so it looks like we'll be starting our new training season with five hours sleep and no morning session. Still, it was worth every second of a brilliant brilliant weekend :)

Night all,



Jevon said...

Well done mate. Good to have you back. Gotta take a step back in order to take three forward.
Onwards and upwards.

Tom said...

Cheers mate, hope the calf gets better soon,