Sunday, 15 March 2009

On the edge of something exciting...

Life is so good at the moment that I’m a little scared to move in any direction for fear of bursting the ‘good’ bubble that I appear to be living in. And, no, I haven’t just won the lottery. Actually the fact that nothing ‘amazing’ has happened makes it even better because I just am happy. It’s a really great place to be because it’s not down to how well I’m training which is usually the main cause of any change in my mental state. Basically I feel like I’m content with where I am and by that I don’t mean in Leeds :)
So, where am I exactly? Well, I feel like I’m on the edge (as todays title suggests) of something exciting. Providing I can hold myself physically and mentally together for the next ten weeks then I’m going to go into Lanzarote Ironman actually looking forward to the race… not to the time I do or the position I finish, but actually to all of the things I’ve learnt about myself these last few years, and that's going to allow me to race without pressure and that's right up my street! I’m no longer in competition with myself (or Tom for that matter) and I’m no longer so serious about the minutiae of my training. Days off? Not a problem. Missed session? Not a problem. Good session? Great. Bad session? Oh well. Yes life still does more or less revolve around training at the moment but not the way it used to. It’s not the be all and end all of my life. I’m liking it :)

In the current economic climate we’re all surrounded by doom and gloom and it's a stressful time for many, I completely acknowledge that, but it’s also a time to be excited about because it’s forcing people to change what they were doing, moving them out of their comfort zones. Humans are such creatures of habit. The majority of us as a species don’t like change (I’m truly no different.) But I feel like I’m beginning to understand the need for change and how embracing it instead of feeling anxious and stressed by it is the way forward. My photography business is just as affected by the current climate as the next man but I’m excited because if anything I’m being more creative, I’m using my head and my creativity and doing things that I love and that I’m great at and producing some great images. I feel change in my photography on the horizon and I’m enjoying seeing what’s happening, it’s just as exciting as wondering what my next client will be or how I'll do in my next race. This weekend I worked for Leukaemia Research at the Adidas Silverstone Marathon. Leukaemia have a celebrity team and I do all of their photography. I spent all of today snapping away at photogenic tv actors and actresses and eating the complimentary food, marvellous. At one time I would have been a bit irritated that I was giving up a weekend of training for work (even though I always enjoy it). Not anymore. I’ve changed, I’m still changing and I’m much better for it. Bring on change, that’s what I say.

With only ten golden weeks of training left -that I know Tom is writing about- I have had to set myself some important goals. Firstly (and you heard it here first) I'm giving up ALL sweets, biscuits, crisps and chocolate (has to be done I'm afraid, all or nothing, it's my genetic make-up, I can't do in between) and I'm going to stretch every day, twice a day. Tomorrow (Monday) is the start of the last serious ten weeks of training and if I want to feel like an athlete on the start line of Lanzarote IM then I've got to live like one :) :) :) Bring on the Turton/Williams will-power and fingers crossed in ten weeks time I'll be leaner, lighter, fitter and more importantly ready for what race day will bring.

Oh and for those who are interested Week Six of pix is here.

H. x


Ben G said...

Some really interesting pics Helen. Glad to read such upbeat thoughts. Ellie was up on my shoulders today when we were out walking when she started singing really loudly "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" etc etc. I can see you singing those same words, keep it going.

Jevon said...

You are gonna munch Lanza, girl. I can feel it in my water. But you'll only do it if you keep with where you are now. Relaxed, happy and unpressured. You'll be one of the best age groupers there... go in that knowledge, with a smile on your face and a plan for all eventualities and let it all unfold.