Sunday, 29 March 2009

Good luck fellas...

So, this IS summer! It officially started today and not wanting to miss a single second (it might finish tomorrow) H and I headed out on our bikes at 6.45 this morning. I was feeling quite tired, probably due to a reasonably tough training week (which included a good twenty mile run on Thursday) and within the first few miles had decided to enjoy the sun rather than flogging my legs. I'm not sure the 104 miles with 10,000+ feet of climbing necessarily fits with the previous statement but a ride time of 6:38 and an average heart rate of 126 left my legs feeling pretty fresh for the two mile run I slotted quickly on the end... we'll see how they feel in the morning ;)

Continuing along the British Summer Time theme I don't want to sound 'bah humbug' but as all around us rejoice at the extra hour of daylight spare a thought for H and I who have suddenly lost an hour... on the plus side the early morning sun will soon return, but within a month or so our 8.30pm bedtime will become a little more challenging with the sun beating down, kids playing in the street and the ice-cream van paying us his nightly visit.

This coming Sunday it's Ironman Australia and the mdot season will start to intensify as events come thick and fast. This brings me nicely to today's photo... our great friend Ian during the run section of the 2006 Lanzarote Ironman and one of the most memorable images from my whole Ironman experience of the last four years. Ozzer will be on the start line on Sunday morning alongside another inspirational friend Russell Cox, both these guys give it everything in training and truly follow an Iron life... HAVE A GREAT RACE BOYS, we'll be cheering down the internet at you both!!!

Also on the racing scene a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our friend and fellow Virgin Active Road Runner Debra Brown for breaking two hours at this afternoon's Liverpool Half Marathon... her dedication and work ethic have been amazing over the last five years and her success comes as no surprise... well done DB ;)

Finally, my mum and step dad arrived this afternoon to spend a few days hanging out and sharing some quality time with us and as the tinternet and laptop are pretty much the enemy of quality time I think I'll leave it there :)

See you next week,


p.s. a couple of weeks into my Twittering you can still follow my training every day, HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tommo and H great to hear all is on track for Lanza and the training continues to go well. Well done both of you for great results at the Ball Buster.
All is superb in Oz and I am absolutely whipped to race next weekend. Bring it the f*ck on!
Did a Coffs Harbour Club sprint race yesterday with all my training friends. Had a great time and even managed to win while holding it steady until the last 1.5km of the run.
I just wish it was IM race day today because I am itching to get out there in the mix. The atmosphere round here is absolutely electric.

Debra said...

Thanks Tom, here's to hoping you'll be posting similar comments in 4 weeks time after London, I now have the belief that I can achieve my dream and that is half the battle in a marathon but anything can happen on race day as we all know

But I'll have you and H in my head pacing the beginning and hopefully maintaining the end

And then 4 weeks after I'll be screaming at you both down the internet

Russ said...


Not sure about inspirational. We'll see how much of that I am on Sunday! Some stuff feels great at the moment, some stuff not so much, but I guess that's the taper for you.

I have a plan and goals though. Hopefully it'll make for entertaining watching back in the UK!


Tom said...


Sounds like Australia has been amazing! Great work on winning the sprint race, you sound so up for Sunday... I have a good feeling about this one ;)


You are dead right, belief is the key... you will be amazing!


Ideally if you could qualify for Hawaii on Sunday you could then sacrifice your race in Lanza and tow me round on the bike and leaving me fresh for the run ;) Sounds like a plan? ;)

Good luck all, cheers for your comments and thanks for the inspiration,