Monday, 15 December 2008

Mr & Mrs..

Forgive us for this incredibly short, sweet and joint blog this week but as you can see on Saturday we got married!!!  It was truly AMAZING and we both had a wonderful day full of love and laughter and a handful of happy tears, actually quite a few happy tears, most of them Tom's.  We've just arrived in Miami and have unpacked in our hotel room, it's amazing we're going to love it here I'm sure.  However, having had no sleep on Saturday night, driving to Heathrow at 6am in the morning and then travelling all day and night (it's now 04.20am in England and according to my body clock, however it's actually 23.20pm here in Miami.  Three nights of little or no sleep have made Tom feel ill and he's actually asleep already having nearly hit the deck in Miami airport, hopefully a solid kip tonight and a rest tmrw should sort us both out.

I'm going to leave it there because it's certainly time I was sleeping to. A very quick thank you to all we know and love, hope you had as good a time as we did and thank you for making our day so special. x  A new chapter in our lives and it's exciting. 

Time to sleep, maybe we'll blog mid week, maybe we won't???  Night all.

Love Mr & Mr Williams.  x


Anonymous said...

congrats both you of :)


Russ said...

Congrats to both of you. :)

Enjoy the honeymoon and I wouldn't worry about blogging mid-week. Sure there's better stuff you could be doing!

Jevon said...

Don't blog. have fun.

Mr H said...

Congratulations to you both from Mr & Mrs Hami