Sunday, 4 January 2009


For what seems like the millionth Sunday running we're posting a pretty poor excuse for a blog entry via a fairly sketchy internet link from somewhere other than our lovely home, which we are starting to miss. The last month or so has been pretty amazing and sitting here in training paradise with sub-zero temps back home we certainly aren't moaning, but it will be great to finally wake up at home on January the 11th without the need to pack almost immediately in order to spend a more time living out of a suitcase.

We arrived in Lanzarote on Thursday afternoon and having spent the morning in freezing cold Luton Jo & Andy AKJ and us found ourselves in the afternoon spinning our bike round part of the Ironman course under a red hot sun before knocking out and easy 5k run part of which took in the view constituting today's photo!

The training has been pretty intense and in our usual 100% style we've managed to hit the pool for a sunrise 2k before joining the rest of the camp for typically a long bike followed by a 10k run then lunch before an afternoon swim session in La Santa's amazing outdoor pool. By tomorrow afternoon we will have ridden the entire bike course in sections and then on Wednesday it's every man for himself as we tackle the full 180 hilly kilometres, probably with a cheeky 10k run slapped on the end... and a swim session to finish the day!! That will be the final official session of the camp but we don't fly out until late Saturday so hope to use the extra 72 hours to take our 10-day training totals to 50k swimming, 500 miles cycling and 75 miles running... a lot will depend on how well we weather Wednesdays efforts though...

Anyway, that's about it for now, apologies for not replying to emails or texts over the last few weeks but time, money and internet connections have been at a serious premium... with about 6-8 hours a day of training and the supermarket here being the most expensive in the world (£5.50 for a box of Weetabix makes South Beach seem cheap!) finding the time or even cash to communicate has been somewhat difficult.

Anyway, looking forward to next week's posts coming from home sweet home and also our return to normal life.

Take care,

T & H 

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Ben G said...

Great stuff guys, woke up to snow this morning! make the most of the warm weather. Looks like you are training like demons!!!