Sunday, 21 September 2008

Tick tock...

This week has been a really good week for a few reasons. Last week I wrote about 'Time out' and this week I'm going to write about 'Time In.' One thing both Tom and I are guilty of when we're training really hard is neglecting the many things that need doing. Even simple things like mowing the lawn. Training 20+ hours a week just doesn't leave you in the mood to mow the lawn in your spare time or do any of the hideous tasks that actually make your life easy to function. But these things all need doing and they don't go away, no magical gnome comes and mows the lawn over night, or de-scales the bathroom tiles, or de-clutters the office Unfortunately what happens is Tom & I do the minimum required in and around the house and regarding the general tasks in our life. We put things off.

This week I've trained hard but also worked against the clock which has actually been less stressful than it sounds. Right now we plan to be in bed by 9pm (it's 8.37) so I have a limited amount of time to write this week but by doing it this way I'll be in bed on time for the 5am alarm call. Tom's discovered an application for his new toy (his i-phone) called Remember The Milk (basically it's just a 'to-do' list) I don't have the luxury of said i-phone but I do like making lists in my paper diary (long live the pen and paper.) I've stuck to what I've needed to do every day, have barely wasted a single second and therefore Tom and I have had loads of quality time together and with friends AND still trained twice a day. Hallelujha it's a miracle and one I'm liking. The lawns are mowed, the bathroom tiles are no longer orange and the office is the inner sanctum once more. I can feel order being restored by the very minute.

If we can stick to our new 'doer' attitude then training for Lanzarote will be a joy and not 6mths of training our physical bodies to the max but neglecting the mental neccesities. I'm liking my lists and I'm slowly but surely becoming a 'doer'!!!

90 secs and it's time for bed...night...

H. x

P.s They (whoever 'they' are) do say...if you want something doing, give it to a busy person.

Bring it on, I'm ready, pen and paper in hand...lists are the new black ;)

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