Sunday, 22 June 2008

Time out...

I felt a bit lost this weekend. Usually Saturday starts early, has a long training session in it, I eat, shower, and then see what time is left to catch up with friends and family. Having raced hard at UK 70.3 last weekend, this week has been about optimising recovery to get me fresh & ready for Germany, which is now actually a stones throw away.

Tom was giving talks at Leeds Met for most of Saturday and so I moved into Maison Lack for the day. I love spending time with my little baby Godson Charlie and of course it's great to catch up with Ben & Lies but I don't think they expected me to be moving in for the day! Taper time is a funny thing. When I'm fatigued and ready for a rest tapering seems like an oasis in the middle of the desert, but when I get there I'm often not thirsty. However, if I'm to be as sharp as a tack for Germany I have to accept that now is the time to kick back and enjoy the well earned rest. And that's exactly what I did on Saturday. I'm starting to feel the benefit of rest in my body, but like I say my mind isn't all that keen, torn between wanting to feel fresh but not wanting to feel lazy is a hard task.

I had a great day with the Lacks, they fed and entertained me all day (well Charlie did much of the entertaining with his pet lip, huge burps and of course these great ear muffs which Ben & Lies have bought so he doesn't go deaf when they all go to watch Ben race (cars... loud ones) and I also got to steal him for an hour when I went to pick up Tom and all three of us went for a coffee (Charlie's not quite into coffee yet, he's a very cheap date.) It reminded me of what normal people do at weekends. And now I know I'm not normal, because I enjoyed it but I did feel lost. I think I'm so used to training that it gives my day structure and a bit of focus.

Today was more like it, we had a race (of sorts) it was a teeny tiny sprint race (750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run ) and so we got up early for breakfast and packed the car at 6.45am this morning and that was more like it. Although it felt like such a short race we'd finished almost before we began. It was good to be out there though putting all three disciplines into action (What H neglects to say is she was second lady... well done for the result but 'naughty step' for pushing it - T x). Today was also an Ironman day for our very good friend Ian Osborne who was racing in 33 degree heat in Ironman France, a very tough IM as the bike course is a hilly monster. Well done Ozzer, showing the way all of the time. You can wallow in post race celebration while we get antsy for the next two weeks and then it's our turn. Time to take the IM mantel from you and take it round the streets and roads of Frankfurt.

So to a week of more focused training, sharp but very short and then we're off, wuhoo!!! Oh it's all soooo close.

See you next Sunday, the night before we leave for another adventure.

P.s Sam, you're a LEGEND and still my hero...great tattoo petal (hard earned that was!)

H. x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support H and Tom. IM France was murder. The swim and bike were wonderful as were the first two laps of the four on the run. I felt strong and my conservative bike was paying off. The last two run laps were melt down. I couldn't get anything down and the wheels just fell off. I worked so hard on the last lap I found new levels of hurt. A very special place that's tough to find. I am pleased regardless of time as I put absolutely everything into finishing that race. The most beautiful IM I have ever done. You lucky peeps get have the experience in two weeks. Cherish every moment 'cos it’s a wonderful place. You will both have superb races. Can’t wait to see you out there reaping the rewards for year of great training. Thanks again for all your support. You're stars!!!

Anonymous said...

T&H seeing you hurting out there at 70.3 reminded me just how far you've both come. It takes hours and hours of dedication and focussed commitment to reach a place with your racing where you reach a higher plain and achieve what, in years gone by, you'd both thought impossible. Once boundaries and obstacles have been replaced with opportunities and excitement and passion - there is no saying what can be accomplished. You guys glow and seeing you both succeed is brilliant! Hold tight - your time has come! Get ready to give it the ride of your lives! Mart & Liz
Ozzer - congratulations on an epic!

Tom said...

Ozzer... your amazing performance at Lanzarote in 2006 inspired me to step up to the plate two months later in Austria and two years later you've done the same! You continue to blaze a trail along our amazing Iron journey and I can't wait to follow in your footsteps in ten days time ;) Well done in France and thanks too for your support...

Mart & Liz... what can I say? we were there when M qualified for Hawaii and again when L qualified for Beijing, what more motivation could we ask for?

Thanks to all you guys I'll be treading water in ten days time confident that impossible is nothing ;)


Debra said...

At last I have reset my password so I can post again having forgotten my last version whilst on hols!

I just wanted to wish you both all the very best for next Sunday, will be watching your progress online as the day wears on

You are both truly inspirational, so much so that I am days away now from buying a bike and entering my first plod triathlon

As for Lanzarote next year, no thank you!! 70.3 maybe one day, but never 140+