Sunday, 4 November 2007

Time to focus...

Summer never came. Autumn's slowly having it's nose pushed into Winter and November has arrived, and it's all music to my ears for a couple of reasons. As you know I've been blighted by tendonitis which made me pull out of the Dublin marathon well before the day. Instead while everyone else was carbo loading and enjoying the long awaited and needed rest that taper allows I spent six whole days eating the same amounts (if not more) and physically doing much less. Six days of pure rest and unpure eating. I had originally expected my November to be a recovery month after the Dublin marathon and it was this month that I had originally ear marked for chocolate and biscuit eating. Unfortunately my motivation mentally and physically have been on the wane since I realised that my injury was here to stay and I actually ate my way through October and then into the many patiseries that line the Guiness fuelled streets of Dublin. Dublin was fantastic, all of our mates that ran were brilliant and it was a day of huge smiles, pb's and far too much food. By the end of the trip I was desperate for November to arrive so I could get off the chocolate roundabout and reign in my sweet tooth.

So, after such an indulgent month in October I was looking forward to starting November with renewed focus. Four days in and I feel better already. Today we had a swim workshop with underwater swim analysis and I picked up some great pointers to help improve my technique, all perfect for the Winter months before the more specific sets kick in. No more crap food and back to one treat a week which works really well for my incredibly greedy personality and training sessions that are light (1hr a day only.) These are sessions that allow me to turn my body over and get me into the right mind set so come December when it's full steam ahead I'll be raring to go.

November also sees the start of my new venture into the world of self employment. I resigned from my job as ITV's staff photographer in October and on November 1st started my new life as a freelance photographer. I couldn't have picked a better time to do it. By the time I get to December I should be in the flow and used to life without a boss (actually I mastered this one by 9.30am on my first day.) My new focus is just what I needed in training and in my working life. I am definitely the kind of person that needs a reason to be doing something. I can't just train for training's sake, there has to be a goal and a strong sense of purpose for me to do it whole heartedly. That's why when I believe in something I put my all into it. Leaving work has certainly been the right move for me. I didn't leave because I was unhappy or because I want to make more money (although I won't refuse it if I do!) but I left because there's more out there in the photography world for me and I can't wait to explore it.

My injury hasn't gone yet but I do feel like in the last couple of days I have turned a corner and my ankle isn't as tight as it has been. It hasn't healed yet but I'm feeling more positive about getting back into some ten minute runs that are hopefully not going to irritate it and by December 1st I'm hoping to be fully fixed and raring to go.

So with my renewed focus and vigour in November I can feel the hunger to start training seeping back into my bones which are no longer tired but just waiting for me to give them the nod. Here comes the start of another hopefully special season :)

H. x

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