Sunday, 15 July 2007

Who would have thought...

With eyes as dodgy as that from such a small age you can see why A) I never did get a taste for ironing and B) why I'm accident prone!!!

Look at me, age 4, blissfully unaware that I was going to train my body within an inch of it's life to throw myself round an Ironman course in Austria 28years later.

Anyway, here I am now, 32 and I've been an Ironman for a whole week, wuhoo!!! Since I signed up on July17th 2006 I spent every day thinking, eating, sleeping & training Ironman. For the last week I've been eating, sleeping and training chocolate & chips!!!

Tomorrow it all begins again. Before I'd even completed Austria Ironman I had to enter Ironman Germany as these events now fill up in less than 24hrs. The world has gone triathlon and Ironman mad.

Light pool sessions, light bike & turbo sessions and very easy, light running for the rest of the week, nothing hard at all. I think it will take me at least a month to shake off the fatigue and effects that an Ironman has on your body. I've even learned the art of a lie in & this weekend (being the first in a whole year where neither I or Tom have been training) I slept until 8.45am, usually my little eyes open at about 6.30/7am. I must still be tired!

So, 50 weeks until IM Germany and I can't wait. I've learned an incredible amount this year & still have a huge amount of learning to go, hopefully that learning will manifest itself into improvement.

In 7 weeks I'm racing The Vitruvian. This was my first middle distance triathlon last year, I'm really looking forward to going this year, a lighter, stronger, more improved version of last year (and hopefully my bike brake cables will stay intact). Fingers crossed for a new pb on the course!!!

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