Monday, 7 July 2008

A very special day...

Just thought we'd write a brief blog tonight as it's past midnight and we're both exhausted. I finished in 9.59 and H broke 11 hours with 10:53 and a PB by over an hour!

I was flying to about half-way on the bike before exploding spectacularly and suffering for the last four and a half hours and the fact that H had to spend three hours in the medical tent see today's pic) straight after the race pretty much sums up how hard today was. I ended up nowhere near a Hawaii slot and although H came 11th in her age group (a fantastic result), with only three slots available it's really unlikely she'll make it either.

We are both super pleased with our performances today though, neither of us quite hit our targets however we gave more than we ever have and crossed the finish line with absolutely nothing left. We've said all along that although our goal was Hawaii as long as we could hold our heads up afterwards, knowing that we did all we could then the result was neither here nor there.

We're off to bed now but will get race reports up in the next few days.

Most importantly though we'd both like to say thanks for all the messages of support that we've received this week. It's been amazing and I'm sure that without it we would have found the day so much more difficult.

Thanks, thanks thanks,

Tom & Helen x

p.s. looks like the quest for Kona continues... Next stop Ironman Lanzarote - May 23rd 2009 ;)


runtilyoudrop said...

"The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the arena" Roosevelt. Sounds like you both had real tough days. Recover quickly and see you in Klag

Anonymous said...

Spent most of yesterday glued to the Athlete Tracker and the commentary on Ironmanlive. What a day! Sub 11 and Sub 10, - times you can really be proud of. You have put your training lives on the web, stated your intentions and given your all for a year. Its been fantastic keeping track of you two, you can't believe the motivation I have got from your training to put into my own! Well done you special people. You are few and far between but what you have done these past 12 months has been nothing short of spectacular and enthralling. Enjoy your rest. Die Trying.

ABD said...

Tom / Helen
Am a new LBT member, so you dont know me, but been following your efforts via the Blog. Just wanted to say what an awesome effort from the two of you and hope the recovery continues ok.
Best wishes
Andy B-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations both on giving your all. Sometimes we forget how good we are when we focus on how good we want to be. Gareth

Anonymous said...

Great work guys! Very well done!
I am very pleased to hear that you had a good day. When I saw your times I feared you might be a little disappointed so I'm delighted you're not - they are still very respectable times. When you so whole-heartedly pursue a dream the rewards are great. whatever the outcome. This race will certainly contribute to your making it to Kona next year if that's what you go for.
Enjoy this time.
Best wishes for a good recovery.

Debra said...

Gutted youd didn't make Hawaii but you both made a gigantic effort and could not possibly have done are still triple and double iron men and very few people in the world could achieve one such medal never mind 2 or 3... we're all immensley proud of you both....just have to keep this blog going then until you do get to many weeks until May 23rd 2009???

Well done once again
Debra and Andy :-)

H said...

What great words from you all, I can't tell you how much we get back from your encouragement. We're both absolutely over the moon with our results because not once did we ever loose sight of giving it our all, every swim stroke, every pedal and every footstep were all made in absolute earnest. We always said if we did our absolute best on the day then we couldn't ask for more, if getting to Hawaii was easy, if Ironman was easy no one would try and do it, we love the challenge and we both know we're capable of a little more, we just need that magic day. I've learned a lot from this only my second IM so who knows what we can achieve. It's all in the eye of the beholder, Hawaii or not we both did ourselves proud and I can't thank you all enough for the constant support and good wishes.

H. xx

Vikki said...

Just wanted to say a big congratulations to you both on your fantastic achievement. Hope you are recovering well. Vikki

Anonymous said...

I've not posted a comment before, but have been following your journey since late last year and you've both been an inspiration and motivation to me as I work my way (albeit slowly) to my first ironman sometimes in the next year or so. Like many I feared your times on Sunday would be a disappointment to you after 50 weeks of such hard endeavour and it is amazing to see your strength of character in recognising that sometimes you can only 'give your best'. Hats of to 2 fantastically talented and honest athletes and I look forward to seeing the next chapter. Richard