Sunday, 28 March 2010

On track and a little off track...

Tom's currently stuck on the M1 travelling back from an epic weekend of riding so his little blog is via me and I can report he is certainly on track at the moment. MRI scan results await but fingers crossed we're on the road to getting the swim issue sorted. His running is going really well, he's so strong. On Thursday he and his mate Paul went out and nailed an 18 mile run. And for those of you keeping a check on his 16 x 16 bike plan, with this Saturday's 80 miler with mates Sam & Dom and today's (Sunday) 100 miler with mates Jev & Sam I can confirm that he is an hour up on target :0) I can't wait to watch him race in Lanza.

Today I ran Wilmslow Half Marathon. If school were to write a report on today's performance the words, 'not bad but could do better' would be in there. If I could bottle what makes the perfect race conditions for body, mind and weather I would be sitting here now a millionaire. So here are the facts plain and simple:

Two weeks ago I ran:
Silverstone Half... which was long (on my garmin 13.47miles) Windy (ridiculously) No taper (67miles already in the legs) Finish time 1:32 (average of 6:52min miles).

Today I ran:
Wilmslow Half... which was accurate (on my Garmin 13.29miles) Windy (but not as ridiculous as Silverstone) Taper (only 30 very easy miles in the legs) Finish time: 1:33 (average of 7:02)

If only I knew what made the difference? Maybe the fact that I didn't expect to perform very well at Silverstone took all of the pressure off me (in my head) and I just ran with no expectation of what would happen? Then today I expected to be in great nick yet in some way put that pressure back on myself? Who knows. The good thing is in days gone by I'd have beaten myself up about it and yet today it's just a run, not a bad one, just not a great one. Tomorrow's another day and because my legs aren't sore in the slightest I know I could have pushed them harder in different circumstances and so another good week of training can resume :0)

Game on for London I say. The test now being not to put any pressure on myself to get a certain time!! Answers on a postcard.

Well done to all of you who were racing this weekend and there were a lot. Wuhoo, the clocks have gone forward, the sun is trying to shine and the races are starting to come thick and fast!!

H & T x

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