Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday morning...

It's Sunday morning and very unlike me to be writing the blog this early but we have a race to go to and family to see and a birthday to celebrate (my cousin Ben's). So here I am full of porridge with an hour to go before we leave for the Harewood 10 mile trail race. Eeeeek not quite sure how I'll fair it just being a run an' all!! I mean what?! No swim or ride to get me warmed up, what's that all about! It really does feel odd just doing single discipline races and I can't have done a lone running race in over a year (discounting the Great North which I walked with my ma of course). The time for me today is completely irrelevant, I'm just looking forward to getting out into the scenery of Yorkshire and getting a great workout with mates.

I'm pleased to inform you that my willpower button has been switched to the 'on' position (finally) and so far I've stuck to my month of no caffeine, chocolate, biscuits, crisps or sweets etc, and I feel so much better for it. I'm enjoying my training sessions and my body is enjoying the healthy fruit and veg that I'm feeding it, ahhh it feels good to be back on track. I'm benefiting from the fact that I shall no longer need to shoe horn myself onto the sofa as the pounds slowly but surely melt away. I find it a bit odd really that nothing at all has changed. If you had asked me did I want to eat healthily and cut out the crap a few weeks ago I would have said yes but clearly I actually didn't want it enough to actually do it, even though I hated eating nothing but junk. I'd love to understand it all a bit more, because here I am over two weeks in and I'm feeling as strong willed as anything. Sainsbury's goody counter still makes my mouth water but with glee I stood next to the free 'taste me' bits as I waited for my bread and didn't even think about popping it in my mouth! What is it that has turned the switch though???! Psychologists get your books out and let me know. All or nothing... please explain, answers on a postcard :)

My week in work has been hectic in terms of time spent editing at my computer, jeez it kills me to be so sedentary, but it's great having work to be editing so it's all good :)

So a short blog from me this week, I'm off to race. And this time next week Kona will have been and gone, god I'm sooooo excited to watch that race (Tom's blogging all about it now). Huge wishes to all out there, taper well and rest strong for there are nothing but mere days to go before the gun goes :)

Daily pix still here and here for all interested.

H x


ADC said...

Hay great race Helen. Please please lend me some of your willpower. For me it is Day 1.

Jevon said...

Looking forward to Kona too. hoping to stay off the Stellas this year !!!