Monday, 13 July 2009

IMCH in 60 seconds..

Just got back to hotel... both knackered but both happy... Will go along to the Hawaii roll-down tomorrow on the off chance. In the meantime just recorded a brief summary...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort from both of you - amazing times and I'm crossing my fingers for you at the roll down.

ADC said...

I have been following your blog for a long time now and I was rooting for you both yesterday. Hope you get a slot but whatever happens you both had great races - well done.

Khara Mills said...

hey guys

Very nice tired person vid Tom, well done ;-)

I don't know many people who have even attempted to get to Kona, let alone really put themselves out there and then get so close, but I know for sure you both deserved it, not only from todays quite incredible efforts, but all the months and years that have lead up to IMCH 2009.

Huge congratulations on the great races, I hope you're reflecting on the day really positively and enjoying some well earned rest and perhaps a little lie in!

As always, your influence and support has lead so many of us down a similar path, and by that I simply the mean the great sport that is triathlon, not the amazing things you've achieved. I for one am very grateful for that. I'm so proud to know you both and following this amazing journey has been an incredible privilege, has taught me so much and has just been a pleasure. I know there are so many other journeys yet to come and I look forward to seeing what you guys get up to next.

Looking forward to hearing all about your days in detail when you have time and you really are going to have to come up with something else to blog about in future as the read is always a pleasure, whatever track it takes ( not that I'm expecting full retirement from the sport any time soon of course).

Rest well, eat yummily, train less. Can't wait to catch up properly when we're back from our hols.

Take care

Jevon said...

stunning time mate you da man.

H - you da wo-man


Anonymous said...

Wow. So near Tom. Just minutes away but all the same a stellar race and so inspriational for me having followed your blog for so long. You are simply the most dedicated person I know - a true role model. Shame about the drafting but hey you did the right thing sticking to the rules. Congratulations to you both on fantastic times. Stellar. Just watch you back next year though! Die Trying

Russ said...


Great results all round, you have to be happy with those. Real shame about the Kona slots though. If it were easy where would the fun be though?

I'll see you at Ironman UK where I'll make my last bid for the slot this year. So is it Lanza 2010 for you guys too? I'll be there.


Neil said...

Agree on the drafting.
Some great times there.
I went past Helen just after half way on the bike, and siad good luck. You can't legistate for cheating though.
The drafting was a total joke.
With that much blatent cheating and EPO available over the counter in CH, it makes you wonder ....

Good luck for what ever you do next.
Cheers Neil (IRON MONKEY of tt)

Rogier, Natalie & Rhys said...

Fantastic effort for both of you. I agree with the other comments made here, you guys are role models and great influences on so many lives. If true riches are measured by the people you positively influence than you two must be the wealthiest people I know. Again well done and keep up the good work.