Sunday, 28 June 2009

Here we go again...

Doesn't time just fly? One minute there we are about to nip off to Lanzarote and before we know what's happened five weeks have vanished into the distance and it's Iron time once again!

Sitting here typing away we're all packed and ready to hit the sack before an early start and around a thousand mile drive to our favourite of all Iron destinations... Klagenfurt.

We'll try and post a few extra blogs during the trip (Internet access permitting) and will certainly be Tweeting every day ( and and with time waiting for no (iron)man tonight's scribbles will be both concise and joint...

This morning we both managed to finish off our Switzerland training with pb's over 50 miles on the bike, me with 1.58 and H with 2.20, on a somewhat wet and windswept dual-carriageway course hosted brilliantly by Otley Cycling Club. Seven quid for an accurate and well marshaled race with free coffee and 50p cakes at the end - pretty much the polar opposite to the average triathlon! To be honest both of us were looking to go a little quicker but with well over 300 miles in the cycling bank this week, a tough 20 mile run on Thursday and a rather intense aquathlon effort yesterday we know we're both heading off to Europe in great shape.

As I said, we'll try and post more while we're away and you can keep up with our adventure every day via Twitter.

So all that's left tonight is to say AN AMAZINGLY IMPRESSED WELL DONE to our friend Alison who tamed the mighty Ironman France today. To take on a 3,000 athlete sea swim followed by the most technically demanding of all mdot bike courses and finish it all off with 26.2 hot hot hot miles along the promenade in Nice is one of the biggest challenges in sport... to do it as your first ever Ironman is truly something special... WELL DONE AL ;)

See you soon and stay tuned,

T & H

p.s. H's latest pics of the week are HERE - all seven are taken on an iphone, as is today's blog pic from Wednesday's Otley cycle race. Just goes to show the 'best' camera is most certainly whichever one you have with you at the time ;)

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Tim said...

Good Luck Guys,
You are 2 of the nicest and most serious (in a good way) athletes I have met over my Ironman experience and you deserve the spots this weekend. What are your race numbers? (to assist internet stalking)

Good Luck.