Friday, 22 May 2009

Until tomorrow...

Just thought we'd pop in and say hi pre-race..

I (Tom) like to post my goals prior to the race and ideally close enough that my mind is completely made up and also we won't have to wait very long to find out how accurate I was. For me this weekend is all about qualifying and that will mean getting inside the top ten of my age group out of around 300+ fellow 35-39 competitors. I've thought and thought and thought over the last week and am confident that ten hours will do the trick and am aiming for the following to achieve that.... 

swim - 55 minutes
t1 - 5 minutes
bike - 5.40
t2 - 5 minutes
run - 3.20

That obviously makes 10.05 which although would be likely to do it (last year 10.15 was enough) I am hoping to sneak another five minutes out of there somewhere, probably spread across the whole thing as the standard is increasing year on year.

How do I feel? To be honest I don't feel particularly fit and and am around 3kgs heavier than for Germany but have trained 65 more hours compared to the last two years, almost all of which has come on the bike, have pb'd in swim, bike and run this year and not missed a single session through illness or injury... so must be there or there abouts - although I don't feel that fit I really do feel very confident of doing what needs to be done to achieve my goal, this time tomorrow we'll know the answer!

Don't forget you can follow us via - H is number 77 and I'm number 474. But even better checkout for photos and updates throughout the race (courtesy of our very own Hawaii Ironman, Ian O). I'll be posting on Twitter from 3am tomorrow morning when our alarm goes of to signal the start of what promises to be an amazing day.

Over to Hells Bels...

In true pre-race fashion I've spent the week uber chilled.  Today I can only describe the way I feel as wobbly.  Nervous, excited, scared and it'll last until the hooter goes tomorrow morning at 7am.  Nothing more to do except wait and it's excruciating.  

There's 24 of us in my age group 30-34 and only one slot so I'm not expecting to qualify for Hawaii at all, that's taken the pressure off me instantly :)  I do however want a great race (who doesn't actually, stupid thing to say!) But what I mean by that is like Tom says, the hours of training and the condition that we are in (albeit a little heavier than we would have liked) is all there and tomorrow it's time to see what that all counts for.

Unlike Tom I can't put the same kind of times on my splits but I'll give you a guestimate, I could be completely wrong but hey tomorrow the truth will be out there!!

Swim: 58mins
T1: 6mins
Bike: 6.30-7hrs
T2: 6mins
Run: 3.56

There you have it, there's my ideal race...all that's left to do is DO IT!!!

Thanks for all of the love, it's much needed for tomorrow :)

Good luck to Jo Ladd & Jevon who'll be half Ironman-ing it at the Beaver tomorrow, hope it goes well guys and look after that back of yours Mr Jevon.

So all that's left to say is Adios and we'll be in touch soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


H. x


DaveMcG said...

Hey you two!!!!

You'll be showered, beered, refreshed and beginning recovery by the time you read this, however... All the best for tomorrow - sleep well tonight and do your best and enjoy your opportunity. I hope it all comes together and I know you'll both do great.

You've been wonderful to train with and spend time with and tomorrow the Park Run will be thinking about you in the park and over coffee!!!

Look forward to tracking your no's and twittering for piccies!!! :-)

Mama Simmons said...

I'm cheering for you both from Hawaii!! Finish strong!! :)

I actually checked in last night before going to bed and saw the swim- must have been long or choppy or something b/c everyone's times were a few minutes slower than normal, no? But great job to both of you getting through it!

I woke up this morning thinking I could come down and see the final results, but you're still running! Damn! Ironmans are LONG! ;) But it looks like you both had fantastic bike legs and are running well... woohoo!

I'm off on my own ride this morning but will check in again when I get home. Here's an early CONGRATS to you both for having a great race!

DaveMcG said...

Tom - Just seen your final time on the Iron Man tracker - you did absolutely fantastic - congratulations fella you've done brilliant!!!!!

The swim must have been tough - I guess windy - the beeb forecast was 18 mph NNE winds, sounds big currents to me!

What a bike time!!! - bang on your prediction and I know you've worked so hard on this discipline - so really, really well done here.

I've enjoyed following your run at home whilst doing chores etc - good solid times on the run Tom. How you ran 3:31:24 after a plus 1 mile swim and 112 mile cycle ride is beyond me.

You've prepared so, so thoroughly I take my hat off to you and H for your unique focus on a challenge/experience - you can do in life if you choose!!!

Have a great few cold, cold beers you - deserve them!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tom and Helen, massive congrats on another fantastic effort. enjoy the next few days of glory and recover well. look forward to your report. i loved following you through the day - made me tingle for IMCH in a few weeks! best wishes emma

DaveMcG said...

Hey Helen - well battled!!!! That sounded tough and I see you're still smiling. Great great effort - congratulations you are made of iron!!!