Sunday, 12 April 2009

Calrsberg don't do training weekends...

... but if they did, it would have been this weekend and invloved my wife and I! On Saturday we rode over to Ilkey where I did 12 hard one mile repeats up Langbar Road and H did 10, by the time we got home and ran a couple of miles straight off the bike we'd covered around 60 miles. Then today we woke with the sparrows and knocked out a rather hilly 158.5 miles (click on today's pic for a detailed route taken from my Garmin, which set a pb itself by lasting so long) whilst enjoying the sun and ample helpings of quality time :)

I would write more but a) I'm knackered and b) it's 10.41pm and most certainly time for bed... this week I'll let H do the talking.

Speak soon,


p.s. I've now discovered twitpic via twitterfon on my iphone :)


Ben G said...

What a monster ride mate! by my calculations at the end of a pretty monster week. Great stuff.

Tom said...

cheers Ben,

I think we followed it up in style yesterday as well ;)

see you tomorrow for yet another 'monster',