Sunday, 5 October 2008

....and resssssssssssssstttttttttttt....

The pic above I took as we travelled back from the Great North Run today and it probably sums up the next month for me quite nicely. Having just spent the weekend in my home town for the run and the last real focus of the year we have returned happy, tired and ready for the dawning of a new day/month. Today closes all mental and physical challenges and tomorrow we begin a month of rest and recovery.

I'm happy with my race today. I pb'd for the course running 1.33.29. Having been injured for it last year I can only compare it to the year before that when I ran 1.36. This year I had no idea of the kind of running shape I was in, as the only thing I could compare my times too were the runs off the bike in the latest triathlons I'd done...not quite the same as running stand alone!

I ran on feel as opposed to letting my mile splits determine whether I should be running faster or slower and it worked. I felt strong, relaxed and in control and waited until mile ten before I started testing myself properly. So, I'm over the moon and on a flat course I think there's a sub 1.30 in me. It was also really nice to see the coast line of South Shields and hear many a Geordie voice along the way.

So, I'm looking forward to starting November fresh and eager as we begin our Ironman journey on the road to Lanzarote. October will be a refreshing and much needed mental and physical recovery . There are things I will have to put in place to make sure I don't fall by the wayside in the next few weeks. The first step of that is to be in bed in less than three minutes and for fear of writing another uninspiring post (Brother) I shall take my weary self off to sleep now and write about my plans next week.

Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest

Night night...

H. x

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Jevon said...

a fantastic season... great to have followed it with you. Looking forward to the next one.