Sunday, 28 October 2007

Here for the Craic!!!

So, here we are in Dublin. I'm going to have to be super speedy as we're on a £1000.00 a minute internet connection in Starbucks with a signal about as strong as chewing gum! I thought I'd hate being around the excitement and buzz of a city full of people waiting to see if their training has paid off, but you know what I'm actually okay. Of course I'd much rather be running tomorrow but that's not possible so I’m here to support with my whole heart all of those who have trained hard both physically & mentally, and to all of you running know that I'm willing you all on every step of the way. Tom and Tony B have been religiously running each other into the ground every Thursday evening for the last 16weeks and I know they'll run a very strong and hopefully enjoyable sub 3hrs tomorrow. I’ll be there at the start and at the finish watching the clock and waiting for your tired legs and body to run over the finish line. Whatever the time, the achievement of running a marathon is huge. Getting to the start line is the hardest part, after all on the day you run for as long as 26.2 miles takes and then it’s over. Training day in and day out for 16weeks, long runs, interval sessions and recovery sessions, they all have to be adhered to even when you’re tired or stuck for time and that’s where dedication, effort and mental strength is built. So to all of the Virgin Active Runners who have given up 16 weekends to run long, tomorrow is YOUR day and I hope you really enjoy it, good luck, I’ll see you at the finish. xx

In the mean while I’m trying a new tact on my injury. I’m not lifting a finger, toe or stressing a muscle for the next 5 days in a bid to rid of my tendonitis once and for all. If that doesn’t work I’ll be in the queue at B&Q for an electric saw to remove said injured foot!!!

May the force be with you all kids,

H. xxx

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